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Shipping Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management and Ocean Industries Education at BI Norwegian, Oslo

bi norwegian business school

BI Norwegian Business School is a private, independent, specialized university institution with a total of six study locations in Norway, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand, and Drammen. BI is one of Europe’s largest business schools with around 20,000 students and 340 permanent faculty. Also BI is the largest supplier of economic and administrative competence and skills in Norway with more than 200,000 graduates since 1983. BI Norwegian Business School is the only Norwegian business school that has received the three most prestigious international accreditations - Triple Crown.

BI Norwegian Business School has organized its academic activities in eight separate research departments covering all of the disciplines that can be expected at a modern European business school. BI faculty cooperate extensively internationally and BI has student exchange agreements with more than 170 institutions in 45 different countries. This gives BI’s students excellent opportunities to obtain international experiences and to experience intercultural learning.

BI develops and delivers custom-made courses and programs for a number of specific industries and organizations in the public and private sectors. Programs are taught in Norwegian and many of them are available in English as well.

bi norwegian business school campus

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Shipping Management Specilization (Oslo, 3 years, Full-time): Norway is one of the leading shipping nations in the world and BI has along tradition of teaching and doing research in the shipping area. The program will enable you to help interact with and learn from an international group of fellow students with diverse cultural backgrounds; develop analytical and strategic skills related to commercial, financial and organizational opportunities / challenges in the shipping industry; write a bachelor thesis in close cooperation with companies in the shipping and offshore industries and the cluster companies surrounding these global industries; and get acquainted with the Norwegian shipping environment and get access to exciting and surprisingly versatile job opportunities in an international industry. The program is taught entirely in English

Masters Program

  • MSc in Business - Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management Major (2 years, full-time):  You have the opportunity to customize your own program by selecting a concentration area or ‘major’ in addition to choosing free electives from other fields. The comprehensive curriculum will provide you with competence relevant to a wide range of positions. In addition to being awarded a master’s degree, you may also qualify for the title of Siviløkonom, a well-established and recognized professional qualification in business and industry. Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management Major, you will learn a mix of strategic, organizational and operational tools used in risk management, planning and scheduling, partnership development, and reverse logistics set-up.

Executive Program

  • Executive MBA (EMBA) Ocean Industries (1.5 years, Part-time): Through this 18-months learning experience, you will complete six intensive modules, each lasting two weeks. The program consists of core courses, specialization courses depending on your choice, a consultancy project and a Leadership Development Program. The Ocean Industries specialization will provide you with skills and knowledge to prepare your companies to benefit from the growing multi-use of ocean and coastal sea space. Through solving real life cases, you will learn how companies develop unique competitive advantages through knowledge, technology and customer relations, delivering value in new and more efficient ways.
  • The program is available in Oslo, Bergen, Singapore, and Berkely.

BI Norwegian Scholarships

For Bachelor applicants

  • BBA Scholarships
  • BBA IB Scholarship

For Master of Science applicants

  • BI Presidential Scholarships
  • Master of Science International Scholarships
  • A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship
  • BI Norwegian Business School / QS Scholarship

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