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Simsea Maritime Training Center - Maritime, Offshore and Subsea Training

IMO, STCW, Nautical Institute, DNV-GL, Tankers, Subsea, Offshore, and Rig Training Programs in Haugesund Norway

simsea maritime training

Established in 2010, Simsea is a continuation of Haugesund Simulator Center and help organize various courses to increase mariners' operational skills, their ability to cooperate and to be innovative onboard. Simsea founders have been in the industry for a long time and have almost unlimited access to operational knowledge. The programs are prepared by task-teams consisting of experienced mariners and other relevant experts from the industry and, the quality assurance of the programs are monitored by senior operational personnel.

Simsea simulators have models of real ships and equipment in daily use onboard. All offshore simulators are integrated and can be used for advanced complex operations. Each simulator can also be used on a standalone basis. Simsea also offers full-scale testing of work processes, technical solutions, and assessment. All the offerings are based on world-class simulator technology, in-depth operational experience and relational skills.

Simsea is accredited by Simsea is accredited by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA),  the Nautical Institute (NI)DNV-GL, Norwegian Oil and Gas Assosiation, and Norwegain Coastal Administration.

simsea training

Training Programs

Assessor/Instructor Courses

BRM/ERM Courses

  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
  • Engine Room Resource Management (ERM)
  • Engine Room Simulator - Management Level
  • Engine Room Simulator - Operational Level
  • Engine Room Simulator - Operational Level Electro-Officer

DP Courses

  • DP-Induction
  • DP-Simulator
  • DP Revalidation Course

ECDIS Courses

Gas Courses

  • IGF Basic
  • IGF Advanced

Navigation/Ship Handling Courses

  • Radar og ARPA
  • Coastal Navigation for Cadet PEC

Polar Courses

Rig Courses

  • Module 7 Rig Stability and Ballasting
  • Module 9 Rig Maritime Operations
  • Module 10 Rig Manoeuvring

Shuttle Tanker Courses

  • DP Shuttle Tanker Training, Course B
  • DPO Certification Exam, Shuttle Tanker
  • DPO Specialization Shuttle Tanker
  • Offshore Loading Phase 2
  • Offshore Loading Refresher
  • Offshore Loading, Phase 1 and 2 Combined

Tanker Courses