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Part Time Masters Program in Yacht Design at Qasar Institute for Advanced Design in Rome, Italy

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Founded in 1987 Quasar Institute for Advanced Design is a higher education center located at Rome Italy and established by a group of professionals and university teachers, as a research and training institution focusing on the study and planning of the environment, products and new forms of communication. It has the base in the center of Rome that comes with efficient and up-to-date equipment, which welcomes students from all over the world.

Training is carried out in programs of different intensity and duration including - Bachelor’s Degree (3 years), Professional qualification (15 months), Academic Master (12 months), and Open (of varying duration). The qualifications and specializations awarded at the end of the three-year and professional training courses are valid for employment purposes allow the acquisition of university credits (ECTS) in accordance with the educational regulations of the host institutions in Europe.

Quasar Institute for Advanced Design, since its foundation in 1987, has collaborated in various ways with public and private institutions and major companies through activities such as: the development of projects for industrial production, the restructuring and restoration of architecture and open spaces, temporary stagings, planning institutional communication and company events and training.

qdu yacht design

Academic & Training Programs

Yacht Design Program

  • Master in Yacht Design (First Level Accredited Master) (1 year, part time): The Academic Master in Yacht Design deals with the design of boats at 360 °: from the water lines to the interior furnishings, from the details to all the components necessary for the realization of the project, without neglecting the specific regulations and product analysis. Conceived in 1997 and now in its 15th edition, the Master is sponsored by the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservators.
  • The aim of the Master is to start the students to operate successfully both in the design of new models and in refitting, as freelance professionals or within studios and production facilities. For this purpose, the Master in Yacht Design deals with topics which, proceeding by successive degrees towards the specialization, frame the complexity of the theme within clear reference systems to ease the rapid acquisition of familiarity with direct step-by-step applications.
  • Trainees become familiar with the various types of boats, know the recent evolution of pleasure boating: classifications, nomenclatures and standards; the characteristics of the boating market, the main production structures, the materials and construction techniques in use.
  • The Master in Yacht Design prepares trainees to operate successfully both in the design of new models and in refitting, as freelance professionals or within studios and production facilities. Professional opportunities are possible in design studios, and mainly in companies that manufacture components starting from projects that must be revisited by the technical offices of industry and often redesigned according to the quantity and economy of scale.

Program Highlights

  • Two intakes per year starting in January and September.
  • 15 weeks of learning course at Quasar University in Rome
  • 8 weeks of stages in shipyards or yacht designers
  • Number of students: Minimum 10 - maximum 20
  • Internship for two months in the technical department of an Italian yacht builder or at a yacht designer studio