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Complete and Accredited Seafarer Training Programs in Napoli, Italy

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Located at Napoli, Italy, Italian Maritime Academy Technologies (IMAT) was born out of Italian Maritime Academy (IMA) in 2004 which was the first nautical college for Italian seamen in the region. IMAT trains maritime professionals in the region and from all over Italy. Since 2004 IMAT has trained over 2000 marine professionals and is the only maritime training center in Italy which has extensive facilities fro the maritime training.

IMAT facilities include classrooms, simulator room, Semi-Olympic sized swimming pool, offices, hotel and restaurant, and a fire fighting field about 7000 Sq Meter with a ship 75 meters long. IMAT also provides transport for the personnel traveling for training. IMAT has the Kongsberg-Simrad Polaris 360°simulator system which is the only one in the world with a Dynamic Positioning System. IMAT with this system is a European Leader for training the maritime personnel with the highest standards of training.

IMAT has the Transas ECDIS equipment and SAM (Platinum and 1000) for the training of officers of navigation of merchant and cruise ships. IMAT is recognized by Italian Ministry of the Infrastructures and Transport and maintains the efficiency of the system by annual audits by the certification body (RINA). IMAT is accredited by the Nautical Institute for Dynamic Positioning courses.

Training Programs

Fire Prevention Courses

Communications Courses

  •  GMDSS (GOC)

Security Management Courses

  • ISM (code)
  • ISM (Internal Auditor)
  • SSO (Security Ship Officer)
  • CSO (Company Security Officer)
  • PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer)
  • Risk Assessment - Root Cause Analysis – Incident Investigation
  • Training course on the minimum standard of competence for seafarers with designated security duties
  • Training course on security awareness for seafarer

Management and Maneuvering Courses

  • Bridge Team Management
  • Officer of watch (OOW) and watch keeping
  • Ship Handling
  • BRM - Bridge Resource Management

Dangerous Materials Courses

  • Tanker Familiarization
  • Safety in Liquefied Gas Tankers
  • Safety in Oil Tankers
  • Safety in Chemical Tankers
  • Inert gas and crude oil washing
  • Use of Portable Gas Detection Equipment

Navigation Courses

  • Normal Radar Observer
  • ARPA Radar
  • ARPA SAR BTW Radar
  • ECDIS (Operator)
  • Type Specific ECDIS
  • HSC (High Speed Navigation)
  • VTS (Beginning)
  • VTS (Training)
  • VTS (Training with Radar)

Offshore & DP Courses

  • DP Basic Operator (4 days + 1 day online examination)
  • DP Advanced/Simulator Operator (4 days + 1 day online examination)
  • SDP Maintenance
  • Dynamic Positioning Awareness (Shore Based)
  • Rigging & Lifting

Sea Safety Courses

  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR)
  • MAMS (Mariner Enabled to the conduct of lifeboats)
  • MABEV (Sailor enabled to the conduct of the fast emergency vessels)
  • Chute System Drill
  • Enclosed Space Entry
  • Crowd control in emergency
  • Human Crisis and Behavior Control
  • Passenger's Safety
  • Drill for safety of the personnel in touch with passengers
  • Socializing
  • H2S - Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Marine Environmental

Engine Management Courses

  • Engine Resources Management

LAST UPDATED ON Feb 20, 2017

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