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Merchant Marine and Maritime Training at MITAGS-PMI & Workboat Academy


MITAGS is a non-profit vocational training center for people seeking to enter the maritime profession and professional mariners seeking to advance their careers, which is based on the use of more advanced techniques and technology. MITAGS is known for its STN Atlas Full Mission Ship Simulator, which attracts professional mariners from all over the world. Managers and trainers help companies, professional mariners and other organizations to meet the challenges of maritime education, training, planning, and safety.

Simulation & Research: MITAGS and PMI offers over twenty years of full-mission shiphandling simulation experience to terminal/ship designers and engineers. The in-house team of modelers and shiphandling experts can assist in finding solutions to tough operational questions.

Founded in 1972 and located just minutes from one of the United States of efficient public transport hubs, the school has an impressive campus. The infrastructure includes a 232 room three star quality hotel and conference center, 45 classrooms and an advanced simulation technology center. It is also home to the International Longshoremen’s Association Crane Training Center. This state-of-the-art crane simulator, one of six in the world, provides realistic training for ship gantry, ship pedestal, dock gantry, twin lift and mobile cranes.

Another Facility, Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI) which is a subsidiary of MITAGS, is located in Seattle, Washington. MITAGS and PMI’s heritage is with the Masters, Mates and Pilots (MM&P) and the Trust Companies that formed the school to train its mariners.

Campus: The 80 acre campus is located at Linthicum Heights, Maryland.

Training Programs

MITAGS Programs

  • Able Seafarer Deck to STCW95 Officer in Charge of a Navigation Watch (AB to Mate): MITAGS-PMI have broken the AB to MATE Program into three Tracks based on a mariner’s skill sets before starting the program. 20 Weeks - This covers the full spectrum of education, training, and assessments required to be a competent deck officer at the operational level; 10 Weeks - This reduced program is designed for Able Seafarers that already possess substantial education, training and competence in the cargo operations and stability, but lack the needed skills for standing a competent bridge watch; 5 Weeks -This accelerated program is only recommend for mariners that have substantial experience as a bridge watchstander and cargo operations, but lack the formal credentials. Students are expected to have successfully completed all of the 81 required assessments and have the confidence to take over a bridge watch unaided.
  • STCW 2010 Chief Mate to Master Program: This STCW-2010 training program is designed for the experienced mariner who wants to upgrade to Chief Mate / Master’s level. This program offers all the requirements for the mate to upgrade, including most of the required practical assessments of skills. The CMM program is thirteen weeks (65 days) of formal training that provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to take on the duties and responsibilities of a Chief Mate and Master.
  • Workboat Mate Program: This28 months program is specifically designed for the entry-level person interested in becoming an officer. The 28-month program is divided between approximately 30 weeks of classroom training and 360 calendar days of training at sea. More on Workboat Mate Program Please check our Workboat Academy section (see below).
  • Tug and Barge Courses: In addition to the Workboat Mate Program, MITAGS-PMI have developed a comprehensive training matrix specifically for the tug and barge industry. Many of these courses may be customized and / or taught at offsite locations. More details can be found here (PDF).
  • State Pilot Courses: : MITAGS and PMI are the leading providers of State Pilot Training in the United States, and major suppliers for international pilot groups. Both Schools offer standard and custom courses. The training modules are organized into a custom cluster of seminars / courses. More can be found here (PDF).
  • Individual Courses: In addition to Vocational Programs, such as AB to Mate, Chief Mate to Master, and Workboat Mate programs, MITAGS-PMI continues to offer individual courses for mariners. The individual courses are offered for those mariners wishing to either renew or upgrade their licenses. While some of these courses are offered within one or more of the above programs.
  • Maritime Advancement, Training, Education & Safety Trust (MMP-MATES) Program: The MMP Maritime Advancement, Training, Education & Safety Trust (MMP-MATES) Program operates the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) and the Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI). They are the primary training facilities for members of the International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots (IOMM&P). MITAGS and PMI offer numerous courses / training programs that have been specifically designed to enhance your maritime career from ordinary seaman to unlimited tonnage master/pilot.

Workboat Academy Programs

  • Workboat Mate Program (2 Years)
  • For more information on workboat academy programs, please check here

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