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USCG Captain’s Licensing and Endorsements Training Online and in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maryland, and Alabama

trucourse captains school

Founded in 2003 and HQ at Dayton OH, TrueCourse Captain’s School helps mariners the opportunity to obtain a US Coast Guard Captain's license through a well defined USCG approved education program. The school aims to build confidence in the skill level of each skipper through education and enhance the safety at sea for all mariners through knowledge and professional development.

TrueCourse Captain’s School provides courses at convenient locations around Ohio with personal instructions which include specialty classes with small sizes. The school also provides women courses with experiences instructors.

Training Locations: Ohio (Cincinnati); Tennessee (Chattanooga & Knoxville); Kentucky (Louisville & Grand Rivers); Mississippi (Pickwick Lake); Maryland (Tracey's Landing); and, Alabama (Florence).

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USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

USCG Courses

  • OUPV 6-Pack: Known as the 6-Pack, this license is required for carrying up to 6 passengers for hire. It can be used for entry level Delivery Captain's or mates, or Captain's of private boats for short cruises. This is a frequent license used for fishing guides. This is also a great license for the private owner that wishes to become a better Skipper of his own vessel. The course teaches you to be a competent boat pilot. The class is 56 hours long and is scheduled, in most locations, not to interfere with your work schedule.
  • Upgrade to Master: This is for larger USCG inspected boats that carry more than 6 passengers, such as ferry boats, dinner cruise boats, water taxies and commercial boats. Most boat delivery Captains hold a Master License to pilot the boat for delivery. This course teaches you the regulations and USCG requirements to manage the boat, not necessarily to pilot the vessel. This is a three day class. Most students find it best to take this class directly following the OUPV for easy USCG combined application of license.
  • License Renewal: Your license is good for 5 years, with a 1 year grace period. By taking this one day class, you eliminate the need for 360 days of vessel time to qualify for renewal.
  • Sailing Endorsement: This course allows the Master Captain to master a sailing vessel more than 6 passengers, or inspected boat.
  • Tow Endorsement: This addition to either license permits the Captain to engage in the work of towing or salvage; a must if you plan to work for a licensed towing service, or for practical knowledge to assist a fellow boater. The class is 4 hours.
  • Marine Radio Operator Permit: The school provides the study guide and FCC test for the Marine Radio Operators Permit. This is recommended for the Master Captain to be the licensed radio operator on a USCG inspected vessel.

Online Courses

  • OUPV (6 Pack) Online Course
  • OUPV (6 Pack) Online Test
  • Upgrade to Masters Online
  • Tow Endorsement Online
  • License Renewal Online
  • Drug Screen Test for Online Students

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