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Marine Diesel, Electrical, Outboard, Navigation, Safety, Weather & USCG Captains License Training Courses and Training in Annapolis MD

annapolis school of seamanship

The Annapolis School of Seamanship is dedicated to educating and empowering mariners with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed, safe decisions when operating and maintaining a vessel. The courses will enhance your confidence level, strengthen your skills, and make you a safer, more informed boater.

You will learn from experienced industry professionals specializing in a variety of disciplines. Most classes are team taught by experienced licensed captains and industry trade experts. This unique blend incorporates both practical operator experience and expert technical knowledge.

The Classroom Training courses are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of both recreational boaters and professional mariners. Although these courses are not designed to turn students into experts, graduates will gain core knowledge allowing them to better service, repair and upgrade their vessel or to know when professional consultation is necessary.

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USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

Diesel Courses

  • Marine Diesel Basics: 12-hour class designed to benefit both recreational boaters and professional mariners who operate vessels equipped with diesel engines.
  • Marine Diesel Engines - Level II: 2-day course is designed for graduates of the Marine Diesel Basics class looking for further instruction in troubleshooting marine diesel engine failures and marine diesel maintenance and repair.

Outboard Courses

  • Outboard Engine Basics: This two-day class is for recreational boaters who are looking to better understand and care for their small outboard engine. The class covers operation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting of two-stroke and four-stroke outboard engines up to 50 hp.

Electrical Courses

  • Marine Electrical System Basics: 12-hour class designed for both recreational boaters and professional mariners looking for a better understanding of marine electrical systems as well as practical skills such as troubleshooting and installing simple circuitry.
  • Marine Electrical Systems: Level II: 2-day class designed for graduates of the Marine Electrical System Basics class who are looking for further hands-on training in troubleshooting electrical failures and designing and installing new equipment and circuitry.

Navigation Courses

  • Basic Navigation and Piloting: 2-day class for everyone from novice to experienced boaters looking for formal training in piloting and navigation.
  • Navigation II - Electronics: 1-day course covers the use of electronic aids to navigation such as: GPS, Radar, Racons, and chart plotters.
  • Introduction to Celestial Navigation: 2-hour celestial navigation class, students receive both lecture and hands-on instruction utilizing a sextant, the Nautical Almanac, sight reduction tables and calculator.

Safety Courses

  • STCW First Aid & CPR with AED: 8-Hour First Aid & CPR with AED class is designed for all mariners both recreational and professional)
  • Safety I - Emergencies Underway: This two day, 12 hour classroom and onboard training course covers how to prevent and cope with emergencies underway. During the class, students will participate in hands-on exercises to become familiar with techniques from using a fire extinguisher and lighting signal flares, to locating a crew overboard and recovering a life-sized dummy from the water.

Weather Courses

  • Marine Weather Basics: This 12-hour course combines lecture and hands-on activities designed to familiarize boaters with the basic principles of marine weather and how to use information at hand to make safe boating decisions in local waters.
  • Marine Weather - Level II: 2-day class builds on the foundation gained in the Level I class. Students will perform several practical exercises to reinforce their understanding of surface weather charts.

Basic Boating Courses

  • Basic Boat Operator: This two-day class is designed for new as well as longtime boaters wishing to improve their knowledge of boat operation and safety. Through hands-on work and simulation, the student will learn about docking, line-handling, basic boat systems, and safety equipment.

USCG Certified Courses

Private Instruction

  • Docking
  • Close-Quarters Maneuvering
  • Boat Handling
  • Anchoring
  • Line-Handling
  • General Systems Overview
  • Electrical Systems
  • Diesel Engines
  • Navigation
  • Piloting
  • Route Planning
  • Chart Plotting
  • Radar & Electronic Navigation
  • Safety Procedures
  • Cruising for Couples

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