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Logistics, Procurement, Supply Chain, Maritime Logistics, Oil & Gas and Warehouse Training Programs in London, Paris, Istanbul, Dubai, & Kuala Lumpur

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Headquartered in UK, BMC Training and Development is specializing in international training courses and seminars and a training provider in England and Wales (10926496). BMC Training and Development offers Management, Administration, Finance, Accounting, Budgeting, Human Resources, Public Relations, Health and Safety Training Courses in UK - London, Turkey - Istanbul and Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur. BMC Training and Development is considered as the best professional Training provider in Europe and Middle East.

Public training programs are open to participants from any organization. These participants have the opportunity to concentrate on their learning away from the job and without the pressures of day-to-day work. Participants also benefit from sharing experiences with people from other organizations and gain a new perspective on common problems.

BMC Training provides Warehouse, Logistics, Supply Chain and Inventory Courses through a wide range of unique seminars, workshops, conferences, customized corporate programs, and consultancy services.

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Training Programs

Maritime & Logistics Courses

  • A Balanced Approach To Supply Chain Management (2 weeks)
  • Advanced Planning In Supply Chain Management (1 week)
  • Applying Accounting Tools To Inventory (2 weeks)
  • Best Practices In Inventory Management (3 weeks)
  • Best Practices of Global Logistics and Distribution Planning (1 week)
  • Best Practices of Supply Chain Management (1 week)
  • Contemporary Logistics Certification Program (2 weeks)
  • Creating Value Along Supply Chain And The Process Management (4 weeks)
  • Distribution Logistics (2 weeks)
  • Engineering The Warehouse (3 weeks)
  • Enterprise Supply Chain Management (1 week)
  • Excellence In Warehouse Management (2 weeks)
  • Fashion Retail Supply Chain Best Practices (2 weeks)
  • Fundamentals of Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics (2 weeks)
  • Global Supply Chain Management Skills (3 weeks)
  • Green Logistics (4 weeks)
  • Humanitarian Logistics And Disasters (2 weeks)
  • Improving Efficiency And Minimizing Costs In The Modern Warehouse (3 weeks)
  • Integral Warehouse Management (2 weeks)
  • Intermodal Freight Transport (3 weeks)
  • Introduction To Air Freight And The Global Supply Chain (1 week)
  • Inventory Management And Purchasing Skills (1 week)
  • Lean Distribution (1 week)
  • Logistics And Distribution Management (4 weeks)
  • Logistics And Supply Chain Management (2 weeks)
  • Logistics Management and Strategy (2 weeks)
  • Management Skills For Warehouse Supervisors (1 week)
  • Managing and Overcoming Supply Chains in Times of Crisis (2 week)
  • Managing Channels To Markets Through Distribution Channels (2 week)
  • Managing Project Supply Chain (2 weeks)
  • Master of Logistics and Retail Management (1 week)
  • MasterClass in Retailing Logistics and Fresh Food Packaging (1 week)
  • Mastering Global Logistics (4 weeks)
  • Mastering Logistics And Supply Chain Management In Construction (3 weeks)
  • Mastering Materials Management (1 week)
  • Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in Times of Crisis (3 weeks)
  • Practical Practices In Logistics Contracts (1 week)
  • Principles And Issues Of Supply Chain And Distribution Management (1 week)
  • Production Logistics (2 weeks)
  • Quantitative Measurements For Logistics (3 weeks)
  • Retail Security And Loss Prevention (3 weeks)
  • Reverse Logistics Best Practices (1 week)
  • Selecting, Buying, Installing And Using A Modern Warehouse Management System (1 week)
  • Service Management (4 weeks)
  • Shipping And Port Management Specialist In Maritime Logistics (3 week)
  • Strategic Inventory Management (2 weeks)
  • Strategic Procurement Skills For Competitive Advantage (2 weeks)
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management Certificate (2 weeks)
  • Supplier Relationship Management In The Supply Chain (1 week)
  • Supply Chain And Air Freight In Aviation Logistics (2 weeks)
  • Supply Chain Risk (2 weeks)
  • Supply Chain Risk Management And Resilience In Logistics (2 weeks)
  • Supply Chain Risk Management and Vulnerability (1 week)
  • Supply Chains And Logistics In Emerging Markets (1 week)
  • Sustainable Value And Supply Chain (1 week)
  • The Complete Course on Modeling the Supply Chain (2 weeks)
  • The Market-Driven Supply Chain (1 week)
  • Warehouse Management And Inventory Control (2 weeks)
  • Warehouse Management For Best-in-class Performance (2 weeks)
  • Warehouse Operations - Planning And Management (1 week)
  • Warehouse Management - Strategy, Implementation and Control (1 week)
  • Warehouse Management Best Practices (1 week)

Procurement Courses

  • Advanced Procurement Skills (1 week)
  • Category Management in Procurement (1 week)
  • e-Procurement: Developing, Implementing and Managing the Complete Process (1 week)
  • Purchasing Management Specialist (1 week)
  • Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating and Cost Reduction (1 week)
  • Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating, and Cost Reduction (1 week)
  • Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management (1 week)
  • Supply Chain Best Practices (1 week)
  • Tendering, Procurement and Negotiation Skills (1 week0
  • Tendering, Procurement, and Negotiation Skills (1 week)
  • The Complete Course on Contracts and Purchasing Management (2 weeks)
  • The Complete Course on Inventory Management (1 week)
  • The Complete Course on Purchasing and Inventory Management (2 weeks)
  • The Complete Course on Purchasing Management (1 week)

Oil & Gas Courses

  • Applied Gas Chromatography ( 1 week)
  • Cathodic Protection System in Oil and Gas Exploration Industry (1 week)
  • Commercial Contracts in Oil and Gas and Negotiation Skills (1 week)
  • Corrosion Control Oil and Gas Exploration Industry (1 week)
  • Essential Skills for Oil and Gas Managers and Supervisors (2 weeks)
  • Financial Modelling and Petroleum Project Economics (2 weeks)
  • Gas and Liquid Chromatography and Troubleshooting (1 week)
  • Hydrocracking and Hydrotreating Process Technology (1 week)
  • International Gas Business Management (2 weeks)
  • International Oil and Gas Business Management (2 weeks)
  • International Petroleum Management (2 weeks)
  • Managing Project Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry (1 week)
  • Oil and Gas Accounting and Performance Measurement (1 week)
  • Oil and Gas Contracts (1 week0
  • Oil and Gas Marine Terminals: Operations, Management and Safety in Accordance with International Standards (1 week)
  • Operation, Diagnostics and Maintenance of Equipment for Oil and Gas Production (1 week)
  • Petroleum Project Economics and Risk Analysis (1 week)
  • Petroleum Refining-Production Planning, Scheduling and Yield Optimization (2 weeks)
  • Process Plant Optimization, Revamping and Debottlenecking (1 week)
  • Production Planning and Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries (1 week)
  • Refinery Process Yields Optimization (1 week)
  • Tank Farm Operations and Performance (1 week)