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IMarEST and ICM Accredited CPD Programs for the Maritime Industry

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Located at London UK, NORWEST INTERACTION (NI) is a provider of training and consultancy to Business and the Maritime Industry. NI has developed a wide range of specialist training courses, many of which are delivered in association with premiere UK maritime training establishments.

Norwest Interaction also exercise specialist knowledge in the international arena where, in addition to carrying out training activities, NI acts as consultants dealing with a range of legal, commercial and maritime issues.

NI’s research into marine hydrodynamics is carried out by consultants who are Chartered Marine Technologists, Registered Engineers and Marine Technicians. The research findings have been peer reviewed by both academia and professional institutions and has been successfully applied in explaining shipping incidents.

Accreditations include the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and Institute of Commercial management (ICM).

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Training Programs

  • Safe Working with Small Tugs and Workboats: This course assumes little or no knowledge of hydrodynamics, its recognition, its effects, or the consequences of encountering hydrodynamic forces when working in the marine environment. The objective of this course is to inform and educate the student, providing a well rounded, technically sound, foundation that will assist future decisions with regard to ship handling, close quarter encounters, safe maneuvering and personal safety.
  • Pilotage Law -And the Law for Pilots: The object of this course is to furnish the pilot / shiphandling professional with the necessary legal knowledge that informs against risks that could result in costly litigation. Such defensive preparation is, however, not always feasible. Therefore when / or if such an incident occurs, this course equips the pilot in both preparing and protecting themselves and their principles in the event of legal action.
  • Mooring Operatives - Essential Knowledge: The object of the course is to support the professional mooring operators with knowledge, confidence and skill to work safely, effectively and efficiently, having due regard to the range of dangers, their mitigation and the safety obligations that affect them and their employer.
  • Hydrodynamics & Interaction (Introductory): The objective of this course is to inform and educate the student, providing a well rounded, technically sound, foundation that will assist future decisions with regard to ship handling and safe maneuvering.
  • Hydrodynamics & Interaction (Intermediate): Running over 2 days, the course is highly practical in nature, including detailed technical descriptions and video footage of real effects in extremely confined waterways. Where practical the classroom exercises are supplemented with simulator exercises.
  • Hydrodynamics & Interaction (Advanced): This course is aimed at consolidating and refining the ship handling skills of experienced marine personnel and seeks to instill an appreciation of the factors to be considered when encountering extreme close quarter’s situations. The delegate will examine the factors involved in managing the risks involved by assessing what is acceptable from a practical, ship-handling, perspective.
  • Bespoke Hydrodynamics Training for Pilots and Ship-Handling Specialists: The objective of this specialist course is to advance, refine, and consolidate (with sound theory supported by hard evidence) the practical knowledge of the experienced ship-handling professional. Ultimately, the aim is to raise ship-handling from the realms of art and place it firmly within the field of science.

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