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MIAL Innovation Series, Environment Masterclass, Intro & Advanced Shipping, and Maritime Operations Courses in Australia

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Established in 2015 after a series of mergers and name changes and based in Port Melbourne Victoria, Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) is a commercial association of maritime businesses, primarily those operating maritime assets or facilities from Australia. MIAL is uniquely positioned to provide dedicated maritime expertise and advice, and is driven to promote a sustainable, vibrant and competitive Australian maritime industry and to expand the Australian maritime cluster.

Maritime Industry Australia Limited has existed in various guises for over 115 years, with its genesis as the Australasian Steamship Owners Federation (ASOF) formed in 1899, closely followed by industrial body, the Commonwealth Steamship Owners Association (CSOA). In 1986 ASOF became the Australian National Maritime Association (ANMA) and CSOA merged to become the Australian Shipowners Industrial Association (ASIA). During the 1990’s ANMA became the Australian Shipowners Association (ASA) which soon absorbed the functions of ASIA.

In early 2015 Australian Shipowners Association (ASA) became Maritime Industry Australia Limited. MIAL conduct various events and training programs for its members and non-members around Australia.

Training Programs

2017 Programs

  • Introduction to Shipping (1 day): The Shipping Industry Induction course is a comprehensive one day course that covers key industry topics. The course is perfect for administration people who work in the shipping industry or new staff who need to learn about the shipping industry or employees who need a general overview about the maritime sector.  A ship visit is normally included in this course.
  • An Introduction to Offshore Oil & Gas - Maritime Operations (1 day): The Introduction to Offshore Oil & Gas Maritime Operations is a comprehensive one day course that educates participants on the fundamental aspects of this complex area from a maritime perspective.  It will enable attendees to understand the process sequence from exploration to demobilization. The course focuses on introducing maritime operations in the offshore oil and gas industry including the introduction of key terms.
  • Advanced Shipping Course (2 days): The Advanced Shipping Course is a two day intensive program aimed at: vessel crewing personnel, maritime lawyers, maritime regulatory organizations, port operators, port service providers and ship brokers.  There is a visit to a Port included in this course.
  • MIAL Innovation Series Breakfast (2 hours): Svitzer, the global and Australian leader in towage, is driving innovation by partnering with industry leaders like Rolls Royce to develop the world’s first remote-controlled commercial vessel. The program will discuss developing partnerships to drive innovation and share Svitzer’s experience in developing technology and drawing on data and insights from 100 ports around the world to make Australian ports safer and more efficient.
  • Sulphur 2020 Roundtable (1 day): MIAL/AMSA Sulphur 2020 Roundtable and help shape the Australian response to the international regulations on low sulphur fuel.
  • MIAL Environment Masterclass (1 day): Topics include - IMO regulations on GHG emission, 2020 sulphur limits compliance issues, fuels of the future, ballast water management convention implementation, biofouling regulation, met ocean data and forecasting, risk modeling for oil spill preparedness, continued access for shipping in sensitive areas, incentivizing beyond compliance performance, ports, ships and the community, and the AUSMEPA maritime emissions portal.

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