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Oil, Chemical, Gas, LNG Tanker and Other Maritime Training Programs in Marstal, Denmark

marstal navigationsskole

Since 1970s, Marstal Navigationsskole is a Danish nautical training institute and has been offering safety and operational courses for personnel working on oil, chemical, gas & LNG tankers in the island of Aeroe, Southern Denmark. The courses are available in Danish and can be given in English as well.

All the course instructors have maritime background as navigators, radio operator or engineer and, most of the instructors also hold a supplementary education as teacher of navigation from a Danish Technical University or similar universities and masters certificate.

Marstal Navigationsskole often conducts courses for operators/charterers of tankers or solid bulk carriers at customer premises in Denmark or abroad. The institute also arranges courses in connection with officer’s seminars or similar arrangements/events where a number of officers / seafarers are gathered.

marstal navigationsskole campus

Training Programs

Advanced Courses

  • A - Advanced Course for officers serving on oil- gas- and chemical tankers, 1st part, (4 days): The course meets the first part of: STCW 2010 Conv. Reg. V/1-1 3, V/1-1 5 and V/1-2 3
  • B - Advanced Course for officers serving on oil tankers, 2nd part, (4 days): The courses A plus B meet: STCW 2010 Reg. V/1-1 3 for oil tankers
  • C - Advanced Course for officers serving on chemical tankers, 2nd part, (4½ days): The courses A plus C meet: STCW 2010 Reg. V/1-1 5 for chemical tankers
  • D - Advanced Course for officers serving on gas tankers, 2nd part, (4 days): The courses A plus D meet: STCW 2010 Reg. V/1-2 3 for gas tankers Price DKK 2 430
  • E - Crude Oil Washing and Volatile Organic Compound Emmission Control (2 days): The course meets IMO Resolution A. 446 (XI), as amended by A.497(XII) and A.897(21) appendix II, as well as Marpol Annex VI regulation 15.6
  • Follow-up course for senior officers serving on chemical tankers (2 days): A refresher of rules & regulations, - the IBC-code, MARPOL Annex II, MEPC.2/Circ.19,FOSFA. Bio-fuels, bio-fuel blends, tank cleaning, cargo tank coating, Stainless steel, inspection of chemical tankers

Other Courses

  • ARPA course (4 days)
  • Ballast Water Management (1 day)
  • Basic refresher training in maritime safety  STCV Code VI/1-1,2-1 (1 day)
  • Bridge Resource Management (Bridge Team Management) in Simulator (3 days)
  • Bridge Resource Management refresher course (1 day)
  • Bridge Resource Management Training and Education Course for Danish Pilots in Simulator (4 days)
  • Course for Compass Adjuster (2 days)
  • Danish Maritime Legislation (DML) for foreign senior officers (2 days)
  • DML for foreign masters plus Working Environment §16 (5 days)
  • ECDIS course (5 days)
  • GMDSS (GOC) (10 days)
  • GMDSS (GOC) refresher/renewal of GOC certificate (5 days)
  • Heavy Lift (2 days)
  • Ice navigation (4 days)
  • Incident Investigation and Analysis (2 days)
  • Marpol Annex II for surveyors (2 days)
  • Mooring (1 day)
  • Revised Chapter 7 in IMDG Amdt. 36-12. New Stowage and Segregation reg. (1 day)
  • Safety course for shipyard employees and ship service mechanics (1.5 days)
  • Security awareness training, ISPS (1 day)
  • Ship Handling in Simulator (3 days) - can be combined with a Bridge Resourse Management refresher course
  • Ship Security Officer (SSO) (2 days)
  • Transport of dangerous goods for Ratings (2 days)
  • Transport of dangerous goods in packaged form (2.5 days) (for ferries 3 days)
  • Transport of solid bulk cargoes. IMSBC Code (1 day)
  • Working Environment §16 (3 days)

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