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Marine Engineering, Ship Mechanic & Ships Assistant Programs & STCW Training in Denmark

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Established in 2001 and located at Frederikshavn - Denmark, Maritime and Polytechnic College (MARTEC) offers maritime and polytechnic education on different levels ranging from bachelor-level programs to single-day courses. The college was stabled as the result of a merger of Frederikshavn Marine Engineer School and Frederikshavn Maritime Academy which were the oldest maritime schools in Denmark having established in 1929 and 1948 respectively.

MARTEC programs and courses are aimed at the maritime and offshore sectors and, related onshore maritime industries. As a higher education institution, MARTEC invests in research and development and develop programs and training facilities. MARTEC is a certified course and training provider with a long list of safety training courses conforming to international standards. A growing variety in equipment and the partnerships with Nordjysk & Redningsskole enables MARTEC to offer most basic and advanced courses within offshore and maritime safety.

MARTEC also has an international exchange program with the Brazilian maritime education sector involving internship and exchange opportunities. All training on board Training Ship DANMARK is conducted in English and Maritime English is standard curriculum for bachelor students. The facilities at Frederikshavn Harbour and Sæby Svømmebad have a variety of boats, rafts and other sea survival equipment available for STCW courses. At Sæby Svømmebad they also have a HUET trainer available for Basic Offshore Safety Courses and training.

Education and Training Programs

Maritime Education and Training Programs

  • Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering: 3 or 4½ year professional bachelor’s degree program involving theoretical and practical training.
  • Ship Mechanist: 1 year education program for ship mechanist (up to 3000 KW propulsion systems)
  • Ordinary Ships Assistant: 5 month education program including workshop training and voyage on board Training Ship DANMARK.
  • Able Ship’s Assistant: 20-week education program for able ships assistant.
  • Maritime Higher Preparatory Examination (HF): 3 year youth education program including ordinary ships assistant education and voyage on board Training Ship DANMARK.
  • AP Degree in Automation and Operation: Academy profession program in cooperation with University College of Northern Denmark (UCN).

Professional Courses

  • Offshore safety: BOSIET, FOET, HUET, CA-EBS & iMIST for oil and gas sector -Freefall Lifeboat Coxwain and Freefall Lifeboat Captain.
  • Wind Sector Safety: GWO Basic Safety Training for employee’s working on land based and offshore installations.
  • Maritime Basic Safety and Refresher: Basic Safety Training and Refresher training according to the STCW industry standard.
  • Renewable Energy: Certification for fitters and service engineers mounting resources.
  • Safety Training and Certificates: MARTEC offers a comprehensive catalogue of further education and training for the maritime, offshore and wind sector, focusing on mandatory safety courses and certificates.

LAST UPDATED ON Feb 11, 2017

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