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Maritime Training for Professional Mariners & Danish Merchant Marine Programs in Svendborg, Denmark

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Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) is Denmark’s largest maritime education centre featuring three education programs and approximately 700 students and SIMAC Training is one of Denmark’s leading course providers in the maritime and marine engineering sectors with approximately 800 course participants per year.

SIMAC was formed in 2001, being a merger of Kogtved Seafaring School, A.P. Møller Maersk Training School, Svendborg School of Marine Engineering, and Svendborg Navigation School. At SIMAC you can complete an education as master mariner, marine engineer or a combination of the two as a ship’s officer. These courses are conducted mainly in Danish - read, write and speak at a sufficient level, as a considerable part of the education is in Danish including exams. For the master mariner or ship´s officer training program you must have an educational contract with an approved Danish shipping company.

SIMAC Training is part of Svendborg International Maritime Academy and collaborate closely with many private and public enterprises and keenly aware of the public requirements and the needs of the business community. SIMAC Training’s core areas of expertise are courses and skills development include - Maritime Safety, Simulator Courses, Automation, Hydraulics, Danish Pilotage, Special Courses, and Assessment for foreign navigators end marine engineers. They also offer the possibility of resumption of certificates of competency and individual tailor-made courses.

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Maritime Training Programs

SIMAC Maritime Studies Programs in Danish

  • Master Mariner: Once you have received your certificate of competency, upon completing your education as a master mariner, you will be allowed to work as an officer or a master mariner. Your certificate of competency covers Denmark and international waters all over the world, and for instance your career could be in the merchant navy, ferry services, in inspection and surveillance, or in the offshore business within wind turbines, oil and gas, or cable laying.
  • Marine Engineer: SIMAC educates marine engineers attractive for careers ashore and at sea. You learn to work with technical operation as well as general management. The education will make you a technical leader capable of managing operation, optimization, and maintenance of advanced machinery and plants, and at the same time you also possess the competencies necessary for leading people and ensuring high quality, a good working environment, safety, and financial performance.
  • Ships Officer: The ship’s officer education program includes a junior and a senior part. You can graduate after completing the junior part, but most students choose to continue on to the senior part, where you can specialize at the engineer line as a chief engineer, at the navigator’s line as a master mariner or a combination of both lines, where you become a marine chief engineer and master mariner.

SIMAC Training Programs for Professional Mariners

Maritime Safety

  • §5 Crisis management and human behavior
  •  §6 Passenger Safety and stability
  •  §7 Organization and Execution of Lifeboat and Fire Drills
  •  §16 Safety and Health Working Environment
  •  Danish Maritime Legislation
  •  Danish Maritime Legislation - long distance

Simulator Courses

  • ECDIS Generic CBT Transas
  • ECDIS Type Specific Transas
  • ECDIS Generic CBT SAM
  • ECDIS Type Specific SAM
  • Bridge Team Management (BTM)
  • Engine Room Team Management (ERTM)
  • Engine Room Team Management (ERTM/ERS - IMO 2.07)
  • Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)
  • Crew Team Management (CTM)
  • Operation and Watchkeeping: Machinery Systems


  • GMDSS GOC 2 weeks
  • GMDSS GOC refresher

Danish Pilots

  • Pilotage Law for Danish Pilots
  • SH Pilots - Refresher
  • Bridge Resource Management & Emergency Training (BRM/ET) - Pilots
  • Bridge Resource Management & Emergency Training (BRM/ET) - Pilots, Refresher

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