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FURUNO Navigation and Communications Equipment Training Programs in Denmark and Singapore

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Established in 1948, FURUNO is a manufacturer of various types of navigation and communications equipment for the maritime industry. FURUNO INS Training Center (INSTC) training centers are FURUNO's primary facilities for educating navigators to achieve proficiency in the operation of various kinds of navigation and communication equipment. FURUNO offers training for professional navigators at one of the two INS training centers - FURUNO INS Training Center in Copenhagen (INSTC Denmark) and FURUNO INS Training Center in Singapore (INSTC Singapore).

The INSTC Denmark offers a wide range of training courses aimed at active navigators and the courses include both generic and type specific training. In addition to the standard training courses, INSTC Denmark offers customer-specified training and training packages. INSTC Denmark houses two full-mission simulators (Class S) and two classrooms.

The INSTC Singapore offers type specific FURUNO ECDIS training for active navigators who have already received generic ECDIS training (IMO 1.27 model course or similar). All practical training sessions take place on a dedicated ECDIS simulator, which allows the trainees to experience the FURUNO ECDIS under various conditions. INSTC Singapore is situated a few minutes' drive from the International Airport.

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Training Programs

Courses for Offshore Professionals

  • IMO ECDIS Model Course 1.27 (5 days, Copenhagen): The training course not only focuses on the many advantages and safety features obtained by operating an ECDIS. Also, the limitations of ECDIS are addressed throughout the course. The course is concluded with 3 compulsory tests and, if passed, a certificate is issued. The certificate confirms the successful completion of the ECDIS course, meeting the requirements of the IMO Model Course 1.27, reviewed by DNV SeaSkill.
  • Type-Specific ECDIS Training Courses (2 days, Copenhagen & Singapore): This Type-Specific ECDIS training course provides the trainees with specific knowledge of the functionality and effective use of the FURUNO ECDIS. The training complies with the STCW 2010 code and is kept up-to-date with the current flag state requirements. It has been audited and certified by ClassNK.
  • IMO IBS/INS Model Course 1.32 (5 days, Copenhagen): This training course is designed exclusively for crews assigned to vessels equipped with IBS/INS bridge systems and is an extension of the IMO ECDIS Model Course 1.27. The IBS/INS training course is based on the practical use of the navigation equipment under different conditions.
  • Refresher Courses (1 day, Copenhagen & Singapore): The training course is designed to give the navigators a thorough knowledge on the latest FURUNO software update and IHO S-52 Ed.4.0 update.
  • Customized Training Courses (1-5 days, Copenhagen): INSTC provides customized training courses based on your particular needs to familiarize yourself with the FURUNO navigation and communication equipment portfolio.

Courses for Shore Staff

  • Introduction to ECDIS & Electronic Navigation Charts Courses (3 days, Copenhagen): The training course provides knowledge and understanding of the rules and requirements to be fulfilled when installing and operating an ECDIS onboard a vessel. The course is aimed at superintendents and personnel responsible for chart and equipment purchases or technical operations.

Other Programs

  • Full-Mission Simulator Package
  • ECDIS Simulator Package
  • FURUNO NavSkills CAT (Computer Aided Training) Training Solution
  • FURUNO Computer Based Type specific ECDIS Training

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