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Nautical, Engineering, Continuous Development, and In House Assessment Courses in Almere

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CSMART, the Center for Simulator Maritime Training, is a newly established maritime training facility located in Almere, Netherlands and a service mark of Carnival plc. Some of the CSMART courses are accredited by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency and other regulatory bodies.

CSMART features the latest state of the art equipment and instructional tools to provide participants with a superior maritime training experience that foster critical thinking, problem solving, ethical decision making, and confidence. CSMART offers two full mission bridge simulators, six part-task bridge simulators and the ability to simulate fixed propeller, Azipod simulation, two full mission Engine Control Rooms with four machinery outstations and 16 part-task Engine Room simulators.

CSMART’s courses and services have been created to meet the relevant requirements of international maritime training standards. CSMART also provides a comprehensive range of courses needed for employment in the maritime field as well as professional development courses to acquire the necessary skills, abilities and attitudes for maritime career advancement.

Arison Maritime Center (new CSMART) - CSMART's phenomenal growth and recognised success over the past 5 years has prompted Carnival Corporation to commit to a € 85 million investment in a new, custom designed world-class Maritime Training Academy, using the very latest, state-of-the-art training technology and methodology. The new 5 storey Training Facility and adjacent 12 storey Hotel which can accommodate up to 176 participants per night.

csmart almere

Training Programs

Leadership & Resource Management Courses

  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM) 1 (5 days): This course provides Bridge Resource Management Training during standard operation. The training is certified as a HELM at Operational level.
  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM) 2 (5 days): This course provides Bridge Resource Management training during abnormal and emergency conditions. This training is certified as HELM at Management level.
  • Engine Resource Management (ERM) 1 (5 days): This course provides Engine resource Management training during standard operations. It is certified as an Operational HELM-O course.
  • Engine Resource Management (ERM) 2 (5 days): This course Engine Resource Management training during emergency conditions. ERM 2 is certified as HELM-M course.
  • Leadership (5 days): This course provides senior ships Management and those in charge of large groups of staff with a practical toolbox for operational leadership.

Nautical Courses

  • ECDIS 1.27 (5 days): This course provides generic ECDIS training at Management Level in accordance with IMO model course 1.27.
  • NACOS Operator (5 days): This course provides equipment specific training on NACOS Series 3-5 and NACOS Platinum in order to set a Carnival Standard in operation of the Integrated Navigation Systems. The training also contains elements of refreshment training regarding the use of ECDIS.
  • Platinum Operator (5 days): This course provides training on NACOS Platinum.
  • Voyage Planning (VPP) (5 days): This course provides Voyage Planning Training for digital navigation. The course also contains elements of refreshment in the use of ECDIS.
  • Ship Handling 1 - Conventional Propulsion (5 days): The course provides the fundamentals of ship handling during normal conditions.
  • Ship Handling 1 - Pod Propulsion (2.5 days): The course provides hands-on practical training using podded propulsion.
  • Ship Stability (5 days): This course is meant to deepen the theoretical knowledge of intact stability, damage stability, stress, dynamical stability and knowledge of all facilities in onboard-NAPA and proficiency in how to use them.
  • Advanced Ship Handling and Maneuvering - Conventional (5 days): This course provides in practical ship handling training during abnormal and emergency situations including working with tugs.
  • Advanced Ship Handling and Maneuvering - Pod (5 days): This course provides in practical ship handling training during abnormal and emergency situations using pod propulsion including working with tugs.

Engineering Courses

  • Diesel Electric Propulsion & Automatic System (DEP) 1 (5 days): Familiarization training on Diesel Electric Propulsion plants, power systems and the automation systems. The course is designed to provide the basic understanding required for safe integration of staff into cruise ship operations. Preferably, this course is completed before ERM 1 is attended.
  • High Voltage Course Management Level (HVM) (5 days): This course is a mandatory Management level STCW course for all Management level STCW certificated Engineering Officers and E.T.O.'s onboard High Voltage ships.
  • Advanced Electrical System (AES) (5 days): This Advanced Electrical System course for technical staff is passenger ship specific and includes Carnival Group system and procedures. It provides theoretical and practical training needs concerning the high voltage / electric propulsion that are not covered by the statutory high voltage training course.
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) (2 days): This course is for Technical and Environmental Officers that are involved with the operation, maintenance and monitoring of exhaust gas cleaning systems that are provided to comply with emission regulations.
  • Environmental Officer Training (ENV) 1 (6 days): Course participants will receive training on their work roles & responsibilities related to - Corporate environmental compliance structure including the CCM, OLCMs, and contact information; The importance of environmental policy and procedure compliance; Overview of the ECP, EMS, and other Marine Environmental protection requirements; Monitoring, reporting and investigation to ensure accurate and truthful record keeping; Awareness of the consequences for violations; Knowledge and understanding of waste processing equipment, systems operation and waste disposal; Pollution prevention and Environmental programs specifically related to hotel, deck and engine department procedures and operations; Voyage planning and requirements for various operating areas; and The methodology and approach to good communication which includes informing or training other shipboard personnel.

In Rank Appraisal & Continuous Development Programs

  • Continuous Development (CD) - Nautical (5 days)
  • Promotion Appraisal - Staff Captain (2.5 days)
  • Promotion Appraisal - Captain (2.5 days)
  • Continuous Development (CD)- Engineering (5 days)
  • Continuous Development (CD) - Electrical (5 days)
  • Promotion Appraisal - SEOOW (2.5 days)
  • Promotion Appraisal - Staff Chief (2.5 days)

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