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Supply Chain Management & Operations Education

tilburg university

Tilburg University (TiU) is an academic institution of higher learning, specializing in economics, management and law, located in Tilburg in the southern part of the Netherlands. The University offers more than 30 graduate programs in English. Tilburg University has a student population of about 14,000 students from more than 85 different countries around the world.

Tilburg University has been a reliable provider of high-quality education and research for more than eighty years. More and more Tilburg University constituents are ranking as best in the country or even in Europe. External review committees, both national and international ones, have rated courses, research, and facilities as good, excellent, or even as outstanding.

Unique is the TIAS School of Business and Society, the leading international institute for post-doctoral management programs, with centers in Berlin, Bonn, Taipei, Eindhoven, Tilburg and Utrecht. It offers a unique portfolio of internationally renowned management programs, and also devises tailor-made programs for leading organizations and companies.

With 5,500 students the Tilburg School of Economics and Management is the largest school of Tilburg University The School offers various English taught Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs which provide students with the skills society demands. Every year, the School welcomes 1,000 Bachelor students. The career prospects for each of the programs are known to be excellent.

tilburg university campus

Academic Programs

School of Economics and Management

  • MSc in Supply Chain Management (1 year): This program by the School of Economics and Management is meant for those students who are intrigued by practical supply chain issues, looking for a demanding program that teaches advanced knowledge and skills that are useful for many organizations and want to pursue a career as manager, specialist, or consultant on operations and supply chains. The program is offered in a variety of educational forms and methods: lectures, tutorials, project assignments and individual study and ranked 12 in Europe in Economics & Business - Academic Ranking of World Universities. 
  • Dual Degree for the Master's Program in Supply Chain Management (24 months): Students interested in the Master’s program in Strategic Management or Supply Chain Management have the opportunity to apply for a combined study program leading to two Master’s degrees; one from the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, and the other from an international partner University - Dual Degree Program with EBS (Wiesbaden, Germany); Dual Degree Program with EDHEC (Nice, France); Dual Degree Program with ZSEM (Zagreb, Croatia); Dual Degree Program with ISM (Vilnius, Lithuania); and Dual Degree Program with LUISS Guido Carli University (Rome, Italy).

TIAS School of Business and Society

  • Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence (MOS - 22 months): This program is conducted by TiasNimbas Business School. It equips executives with in-depth, sought-after expertise in achieving operational excellence and thus a competitive edge. The program focuses on the design, planning and control, and improvement of the primary operations of an organization. The Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence is intended for middle and senior management, and advisors to middle and senior management, of service and manufacturing organizations, e.g. banking, insurance, (high tech) industry, logistic services.
  • Executive Program (Certificate) - Excellence in Supply Chain Management (1 year): The Excellence in Supply Chain Management Program is an abridged program derived from the successful Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence (MOS). It provides strong academic component complemented by case studies and group work to develop implementation skills.

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