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Shipping & Transport Degree and Ececutive Education Programs at STC-NMU Rotterdam Campus

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The Netherlands Maritime University (NMU) are part of STC-group in Netherlands. The STC-Group is a worldwide strategic combination of well-established education, training, research, support, consultancy and implementation service providers for the entire shipping, port, transport and logistics chain as well as for the port-related oil and chemical industry.

At the STC Group, no less than 4,000 students are being educated to prepare themselves for a profession in the shipping, transport or process industry. STC provides training to all professions in the world of shipping, ports, port related industry, intermodal and multimodal transport and logistics. The levels of education range from pre- vocational secondary education (VMBO) to Master program. Owing to its close relationship with the business community, the Shipping and Transport College is the only school for shipping, transport and logistics to be accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

STC-Group established the Netherlands Maritime University (NMU) in 2007. If you consider yourself to be a maritime professional, Netherlands Maritime University offers you a dedicated management program with the Master program in Shipping and Transport. NMU provides this program at two locations in the world: in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and at its branch school STC-Korea in Gwangyang, Korea. This study will provide you the excellent opportunity to improve your maritime knowledge and understanding as well.

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Education & Training Programs

Masters Programs

  • Master of Science Shipping and Transport (full-time 12 months or part-time max 2 years): This study will give you an excellent opportunity to improve your maritime and logistics knowledge and understanding as well as to strengthen your managerial skills. The MSc program consists of seven different focus areas or domains with a combined study load of 60 ECTS credits. The duration of the MSc program is 12 months. After this, in the consecutive month, the thesis defence and graduation will take place. The courses are clustered in four following topic s- Shipping Management, Logistics Management, Finance & Economics and Law & Policies. To combine theory with practice, there are two practical topics - The Shipping Case and the Port Case. A substantial part of the MSc program reserved for Management and Research Skills & Thesis Project.
  • The Master of Science Shipping and Transport program is accredited by the Dutch Flemish Organization for Accreditation (NVAO) and listed in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programs (CROHO)
  • Admission requirements: A Bachelor degree in a relevant subject and two years job experience, or: a Bachelor degree and two years job experience in a relevant field. Demonstrated proficiency in English is required as the whole program is in English.

Other Programs

  • Business Course in Shipping and Transport: This management course gives you a knowledge boost on shipping markets, organization principles, latest trends and developments in this field. The course enables professionals in the service industry and the maritime, transport logistics and port related industry to understand the fundamentals of shipping, its drivers and dynamics.
  • This course is especially suited for financial, legal and consultancy professionals to offer insights into the drivers behind the shipping and transport industry.
  • Upon completion of the course you will be conversant with specialists on ship operations, such as relating to surveying and safety or fleet management and logistics management. You will also have the latest insights into innovations in maritime trade, transport and the logistic chain.

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