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Logistics Management Programs at Rotterdam Business School & Maritime Officer, Maritime Technology & Logistics Engineering Programs at Rotterdam Mainport Institute

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Established in 1988 and located at Rotterdam Netherlands, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam) is a vocational university in Netherlands and was created out of merger of 19 educational institutions in Rotterdam, Delft and Dordrecht. With over 36,000 students and some 3,500 employees, the university is at present located in Rotterdam. Rotterdam University offers over 80 associate, bachelors, and masters degree programs in its 13 schools

The connection between education and practice-oriented research takes the form of cooperation with two centers of expertise and five knowledge centers. In addition, the university of applied sciences collaborates with ROC Zadkine and Albeda College (Rotterdam Academy) and STC Group ( Rotterdam Mainport Institute).

Rotterdam Mainport Institute (RMI) provides programs and courses which are directly linked to international shipping and transport and the industrial port complex. The institute is the result of a joint venture between STC Group and the Rotterdam University of applied sciences. RMI offers bachelors degrees in port related topics such as Maritime, Transport and Logistics, Ship Building and Chemical Process Engineering.

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Academic & Training Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelors Degree in International Business & Supply Chain Management (Rotterdam Business School, 4 years, English): The lecturers from the professional field will teach you how to manage demand driven supply chains, as well as of the tools needed to analyze, develop and change them. International Business & Supply Chain Management, part of the International Business program and trains you to become an international business professional in logistics and supply chain management.
  • Bachelors Degree in Logistics Management (4 years, Dutch): In this program, the emphasis is on economics, management, organization and communication. The program focuses on five basic competences including - policy development, management, execution, social and communicative competencies in the logistics context.
  • Associate Degree in Logistics Management (2 years, Dutch): You will learn how to formulate logistical improvement proposals based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, taking into account the company policy and the interests of stakeholders.

Master Degree Programs

  • Master in Logistics Management (Rotterdam Business School, 1 year, English):  You will participate in an intensive program of combined classroom learning, company projects and self-led projects. In this environment you will both broader and deepen your theoretical knowledge about Logistics & Supply Chain Management while simultaneously developing your project management skills and cultivating your personal leadership capabilities.

Rotterdam Mainport Institute (RMI) Programs

  • Bachelors Program in Logistics Engineering (4 years - 1&2 year in Dutch and 3&4 year in English): The Logistics Engineering course focuses on logistics, transport and technology. You learn how to apply many disciplines in practice by means of a project and in the training you come into contact with simulations and business games. The focus of the training is Harbor & Hinterland and Service Logistics including intermodal logistics.
  • Bachelors Program in Maritime Officer (4 years, Dutch): The program is broad and consists of both technical and nautical subjects. Management skills and project-based work are part of the program. This allows you to be deployed throughout the shipping organization. The training leads to one navigation license - navigation or marine engineer. In the first two years you will be offered both disciplines and after your first internship, you will make a choice for the navigation license or ship's engineer.
  • Bachelors Program in Maritime Technology (4 years, Dutch): This is a Maritime Engineering program in the design and construction of floating structures. You will be trained to design and construct maritime structures that meet the requirements - safe, sustainable and cost-efficient.

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