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Logistics, Supply Chain Management & Procurement Education in Venlo

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With its 44,000 students, 4,500 members of staff and a range of courses covering almost every sector, Fontys University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions for higher education in the Netherlands. The 31 schools teach approximately 100 bachelor courses in the variants full-time, part-time, sandwich and in-service. In addition, 31 master variants are available, as well as 10 Associate degrees. Of these, 17 courses are offered in English. Of the total of 57 minors, 16 are taught in English and 1 in German. The number of registered students of non-Dutch nationality is over 5,000 in addition to more than 150 registered incoming exchange students.

Fontys has agreements with over 380 partner institutions in more than 60 countries all over the world. Of which 30 agreements are managed on a central level, which enables students and staff from all Fontys Schools to study or teach abroad. But also administrative and supporting staff are encouraged to share knowledge and exchange with our partners abroad. Most of the partner institutes offer courses taught in English.

Fontys in Venlo is renowned for its expertise in the area of internal and external logistics and has established itself as a non-disputed centre of expertise offering academic courses in Logistics Management. They originate from a structural and explicit demand for well-trained and practical logistic experts with hands-on experience.

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Academic Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

  • BSc in Logistics Engineering with Specialization in Logistics & Economics or Logistics Engineering (4 years study including 1 year work placement, English): Within the LE study program you’ll learn to be the business process engineer for internal projects or as consultant, understanding the demands and requirements of people, processes and systems. At Fontys you can choose between two logistical study programs. The foundation of Logistics Engineering and Logistics & Economics is the same - managing and improving the logistical flow of goods. By choosing one of the two study programs you specialize in an aspect of logistics.
  • BSc in Logistics Management - International Fresh Business Management (4 years study including 1 year work placement, English): International Fresh Business Management is a study course that combines marketing, logistics, economics and the knowledge of the fresh chain for local, regional and international markets. Food marketing addresses all aspects relevant for selling fresh produce - from market research and analysis to the development of strategic marketing plans and the development and implementation of operational marketing and sales plans.
  • BSc in Logistics Management with Specialization in Logistics Management (Economics) or Logistics Engineering (4 years study including 1 year work placement, English):  With LM you choose for the managerial side of logistics. You are in charge of generating important information to control and improve your business performance. Meeting customer delivery agreements and setting up collaborations with suppliers belongs to your tasks. Besides being taught in logistics, you’ll deal with business economics, statistics and management skills which prepare you for your future employment.

Master Degree Programs

  • MSc in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ILSCM)
  • MSc in International Procurement and Supply Chain Management (IPSCM)
  • The aim of these programs is to prepare students for a management career whether or not they have academic and/or industry experience. The program offers an opportunity to enhance the professional competence with the knowledge, technical capacity and skills demanded in senior management positions dealing with logistics, procurement and supply chain management issues. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded with a British degree "Master of Science in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management” or “Master of Science in International Procurement and Supply Chain Management”. The degrees are awarded by Plymouth University. This study takes place in 2 countries; The Netherlands - Venlo and The U.K. - Plymouth.

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