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Maritime Economics & Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Port & Transport Economics, and Maritime Law Education

erasmus university rotterdam

Established in 1913, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an internationally reputed university based in Rotterdam, Netherland. It is a spawning ground for critical academic thinking, driven by a strong focus on current social issues. The focus of the university is on management, organization and policy in the public and private sectors, as well as on medicine and health care. EUR is a breeding ground for new talent and a magnet for companies that want to recruit high caliber staff.

At EUR, education and research fall into three domains, in which the University enjoys international recognition. The cohesion in domains is conducive to multidisciplinary collaboration in education and research: where disciplines meet, knowledge is advanced. The domains are - Economics and Management; Law, Culture and Society; and Medicine and Health Sciences.

With 23,867 students, the EUR consists of seven world famous faculties: Erasmus School of Economics; Faculty of Social Sciences; Erasmus School of Law; Erasmus MC, University Medical Center; Institute of Health Policy & Management; Faculty of Philosophy; Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication; and Rotterdam School of Management.

erasmus university campus

Academic Programs

Maritime Law Program

  • LLM in Commercial Law with Maritime and Transport Law Specialization (1 year, Erasmus School of Law): The program Maritime and Transport Law’ a specialization of the LLM in Commercial Law, provides you with thorough, in-depth knowledge of the dynamic world of maritime and transport law. The program in Maritime and Transport Law gives you a unique opportunity to obtain the legal know-how, the skills and practical experience needed for a career in maritime and transport law.

Maritime & Transport Economics Programs

  • MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) (1 year, Rotterdam School of Management & Erasmus School of Economics): The program prepares experts with modern economic and management tools for efficient decision-making, providing them at the same time with methods; concepts; and theories to enable them to understand and analyze, in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, the complexities of global maritime supply chains.
  • MSc in Urban, Port & Transport Economics (1 year, Erasmus School of Economics):  The Urban, Port and Transport Economics program focuses on the challenges in better organizing and managing transport, logistics and cities, boosting further economic growth. Through interactive lectures, challenging assignments and lively debates you learn to apply the appropriate methods for a wide range of real-life issues.

Logistics and Supply Chain Programs

  • MSc in Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics (1 year, Erasmus School of Economics): This specialization focuses on areas in transport and logistics requiring strong quantitative skills. It differs from other standard logistics or supply chain management programs in the sense that you also learn all about the methodology underlying advanced decision support systems.
  • MSc in Supply Chain Management (1 year, Rotterdam School of Management):  This program offers a sound basis for careers in logistics improvement project management, consultancy and design. As a neighbor of Europe's busiest port, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is a leader in researching Supply Chain Management (SCM).

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