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Transport & Logistics Certification and Training in Australia


Established in the UK in 1919, and operational in Australia since 1935, The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Australia (CILTA) is part of a worldwide membership of over 33,000 members and more than 200 key corporations working in over 100 countries. CILTA covers all those who work transporting passengers, moving freight and managing Australian domestic and international supply chains from the most junior school leaver to the most senior CEOs.

CILTA offers unique accreditation and development programs, along with enhanced networking and event opportunities. The principal objective of CILTA is to Promote and Encourage the Art and Science of Logistics and Transport. It provides leadership in research, policy and professional development and support continuous improvement in the industry. CILTA maintains and manages Continuing Professional Development programs for Chartered Members and Certified Professional Logisticians (CPL).

The Institute also offers professional certification for Logisticians and Transport Planners (CTP) based on educational qualification and industry experience. Becoming a member of CILTA offers a lifelong professional anchor, a unique source of support, knowledge and networking and an international qualification of a professional institute recognized throughout the world. There are four grades of members to CILTA. Acceptance to respective grades enables individuals to receive certain benefits and members are encourages to move up through the membership grades throughout their professional career to benefit from these members benefits.

Training & Certification Programs

  • Introduction to Logistics & Supply Chain Management Seminars: The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA) has partnered with Press Logistics Group (PLG) to present a number of Seminars on Logistics and Supply Chain Management. These Seminars will examine: situation analysis of existing supply chains; current trends within logistic industry; opportunities and risks; cost reduction strategies; how to boost sales; and tracking performance.
  • Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport: If you are involved in logistics or supply chain management, and looking to advance your career or offer professional development to staff, this internationally recognized qualification at post graduate level can develop relevant applied skills and knowledge. The qualification is issued by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in the UK, EU, Australia and globally, and is the benchmark qualification in the industry.
  • Certified Professional Logistician (CPL): The Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) program provides a benchmark of excellence for measuring capability and proficiency within the profession of logistics and supply chain management. The CPL program represents the hallmark of logistics professionalism. To qualify as a CPL, an applicant must have relevant working experience, qualifications and an active professional involvement in logistics and supply chain management.
  • Certified Transport Planner (CTP): The CTP is a professional qualification that provides a definitive standard for measuring capability and experience in the Transport Planning profession. CTP status indicates professional recognition, from peers and employers, of significant experience and capability to plan, implement, manage and improve transport planning initiatives.
  • Continuing Professional Development for CTL: Participation in each CPD activity must specify a direct relationship to the specific professional capability to which the CPD relates. This requirement ensures CPD activities are closely linked to the profession.
  • CIRCADIAN® Fatigue Training & Management: CILTA has partnered with CIRCADIAN® AUSTRALIA - leading international providers of consulting, training, technology and information to solve the challenges of the 24/7 workforce. Fatigue Training Online™ uses expert content, 24/7 accessibility, and unique accountability to help those who work the night shift or irregular hours stay alert, healthy, and safe.
  • CILTA National Mentoring Program: The CILTA Mentoring Program engages business professionals in a program that promotes excellence, develops leadership, and strongly supports career development for the individuals involved while building capability in the T&L industry more broadly.



The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK - CILT(UK) - is the pre-eminent independent professional body for individuals associated with logistics, supply chains and all transport throughout their careers. It is a membership based organization with over 30,000 members in over 30 countries.

The Institute offers a progressive logistics and transport program to develop your skills and enhance the career: Comprehensive range of training courses; Comprehensive range of short courses; Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme; Routes to Chartered Membership; Mentoring service; and Graduate schemes. CILT qualifications can be studied at centers around UK, some of which also offer distance learning options.

The qualifications offer professionals at every level and in every sector of the industry the opportunity to gain professional recognition of their knowledge and experience. Nationally recognized and accredited by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (OFQUAL), these qualifications are designed to raise standards and to demonstrate both professional and personal achievement. All the qualifications include membership of CILT or Institute of Operations Management (IOM). Read More..

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