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IMO Accident & Casualty Investigation, ISM, ISPS, MLC 2006, NSCV, SEACARE, and PCASP Courses and Training in Australia

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Established in 1990, Ferriby Group is headquartered in UK and operates from UK, Australia, Panama, and Philippines. Ferriby Marine offers consultancy, training and auditing and assists organisations around the World, to develop documented Management Systems which meet the requirements of various ISO Standards (Quality, Environmental, Safety and Supply Chain Security), IMO Code (ISM & ISPS) and National Maritime Safety Standards such as the Australian NSCV-Part E.

Ferriby Group of Companies assists companies in developing documented Management Systems which meet the requirements of the various ISO standards (Quality, Safety, Environment and Supply Chain Security) and IMO Codes (ISM & ISPS), as well as NSCV and MLC 06.

Ferriby Marine offers a range of training courses throughout Australia focused on Quality Management Lead Auditor, OH&S and Environmental Auditing, Ship and Port Security, Safety Management Systems for Vessels and Maritime Accident Investigation. Recent additions to the training program include the MLC06 Maritime Labour Convention and NSCV - National Standards for Commercial Vessels, based on the new Australian Legislation. The courses are conducted at Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Wellington (NZ) from time to time.

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Training Programs

Accident & Casualty Investigation

  • Accident & Casualty Investigation (Maritime) (5 days): Understanding of IMO accident and casualty investigation procedures, and carrying out casualty, accident and incident investigation.

ISM Courses

  • Designated Person Ashore (DPA) (1 day)
  • ISM Familiarization (1 day)
  • ISM Internal Auditor (1.5 days)
  • IRCA Approved ISM Auditing Maritime Safety Management System - Reference 10554 (2 days)
  • ISM Lead Auditor Training (Non IRCA approved) (2 days)
  • Risk Management & Root Cause Analysis (2 days)

ISPS Courses

  • Anti Piracy (1 day)
  • ISPS Familiarization & Awareness (CSO, SSO & PFSO) (1 day)
  • CSO, SSO & PFSO Training Course (3 days)
  • Company & Ship Security Officers Training Course (3 days)
  • Company Security Officer (CSO) (3 days)
  • Company Security Officer (SSO/CSO) Refresher Training (2 days)
  • Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) (3 days)
  • Ship Security Officer (SSO), Meeting the Requirements of STCW ’78 including 2010 Manila Amendments (3 days)
  • Port, Port Facility & Port Service Provider Security Officer (3 days)
  • Port, Port Facility & Port Service Provider Security Officer (Refresher) (2 days)
  • Port Facility Security Duties Course (1 day)
  • Head, Offshore Facility & Supply Base Security Officers (3 days)
  • Head, Offshore Facility & Supply Base Security Officer (Refresher) (2 days)
  • Security Awareness Training Course (1 day)
  • Maritime & Offshore Security Guards & Screening Officers Awareness Course (4 hours, in-house)
  • Designated Security Duties Course (2 days)

MLC 2006 Courses

  • MLC 2006 Familiarization (1 day)
  • MLC 2006 Owners Compliance (2 days)
  • MLC 2006 Inspector/Auditor Training (3 days)
  • MLC 2006 Lead Inspector Training Course (5 days)
  • MLC 2006 Workshop
  • Online MLC Inspector Training Course

NSCV Australia Courses

  • NSCV (Parts D & E) Familiarization (1 day)
  • NSCV & Part E Risk Assessment Training Course (1 day)
  • NSCV Part E Intensive Training Course (3 days)

Health & Safety Courses

  • SEACARE Approved Health & Safety Represtative Training Course (5 days)

PCASP Courses

  • PCASP Shipowners/Managers (2 days)
  • PCASP PMSC’s (2 days)

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