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Shipping and Transport Technology Program at TEI Piraeus, Greece

tei piraeus

Located at Piraeus, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Technological Education Institute of Piraeus) is an independent and self governed Institute of higher education in Greece. The degrees offered are recognized by the Greek state and EU and are fully evaluated. The studies in the Departments of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences for the first level degrees are lasting four years typically and are equivalent to 240 ECTS.

After graduation, the students may continue their studies in the second level (MSc) programs that last one to two years weighted 90-120 ECTS. Piraeus University of Applied Sciences had been awarded a DS label for the system of Higher Education alignment procedures.The campus is near the center of Athens and the port of Piraeus and there are facilities that cover all students’ needs and support academic activities.

There are fifteen (15) Postgraduate Programs at the second level (Master). There are also programs that are organized in collaboration with several Universities in the European area and the United States. Each year approximately 1500-2000 new students are enrolled and the total number of the active students is approximately 12,000. There are approximately 25 Laboratories in Engineering School and 10 Laboratories in the School of Business and Economics that support the teaching and research and development activities.

tei piraeus campus

Academic Programs

Postgraduate Program

  • PSP Program in New Technologies in Shipping and Transport (1 year): The PSP is unique in Europe, since it harmoniously combines two areas with high demand - Manage Business Operations and Supply Chain & Naval Automation. It provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge of the use of new technologies and methods. Graduates in general have the opportunity to seek a career in the shipping business and transport.

LAST UPDATED ON Aug 14, 2017

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