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Professional Maritime Training Programs and Courses in St.Peraeus, Greece

eim maritime training centre

EIM Maritime Training Center was founded in 1990 and its main objective was to develop and deliver simulator-based training tailored to statutory - industry & clients specific requirements. The facilities include a full mission Bridge capable of simulating a total shipboard bridge operation situation, including the capability for advance maneuvering in restricted waterways; a desktop simulator class to allow 12 students to be trained simultaneously in the same classroom; a combined instructor station; and a GMDSS simulator.

The training programs are supported by state-of-the-art simulators suitable for the selected objectives & training tasks, facilities and literature; practical “hands-on” experiential exercises to allow the effective assessment of the performance of the participants; and necessary classroom lectures and discussions with quality instructors.

eim training

Training Programs

  • Bridge Resource (Team) Management (BR (T) M) (Theoretical)
  • BRM-BTM with Bridge simulator (Ship simulator and Bridge Teamwork (BSTM) (5 days)
  • Engineroom Resource (Team) Management (ERM) (Theoretical)
  • Engineroom simulator and Resource (Team) Management (ESRM) (4 days)
  • Fast track seminar on Ship Stability & Damage control (DS)
  • Ice Navigation
  • ILO Maritime Labor Convention 2006 Implementation (MLC) (2 days)
  • ISM code – SMS implementation – Safety internal auditor (ISM)
  • Leading and Motivating crew 
  • Leading and Motivating Crew (LMC)
  • LNG-LPG Operator  Simulator training (2010)
  • Maneuvering and handing of a ship in all conditions (SHST) (3 days)
  • Maritime Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Systems (MRACS)
  • Maritime Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Systems (MRACS) (4 days)
  • MARPOL issues and the Oil Record Book (ORB)
  • Oil Pollution Regulations and the Oil Record Book
  • Oil Tanker Operator Simulator training  
  • Oil Tanker Operator simulator training (OTO) “Cargo and Ballast operations” (iaw Element 6 TMSA) (5 days)
  • Plan a voyage and conduct navigation
  • Plan a voyage and conduct navigation (VP)
  • Practical shipboard Risk management and incident investigation & analysis (RISK) (2 days)
  • Practical shipboard Risk management and Incident investigation & analysis
  • Ship Stability & Damage Control
  • Ship To Ship Transfer operation at sea. (STS)
  • Shipboard Safety Officer training (iaw Element 9B TMSA) (2 days)
  • Simulator training on the Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) (5 days)
  • Under Keel Clearance (UKC) applications
  • Under Keel Clearance (UKC) applications (UKC)
  • Special training programs

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