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Marine Technical, STCW, Management Courses and Maritime Seminar Programs in Chios & Crete Islands, Greece

qms mtcmaritime training center

With two decades of experience, QMS MTC Maritime Training Center design and deliver accredited statutory maritime training and continuous education. QMS MTC courses share a uniform structure based on IMO Model Course specifications. With over 17,000 trainees since its establishment, and two branch offices in Chios and Crete islands, QMS MTC offers over 50 different courses and programs for seagoing and retired mariners, shipping company shore staff and middle and higher-level managers and executives for further professional development, through classroom, in house and on-board fleet programs.

The QMS MTC accreditations and approvals include - Cyprus Maritime Administration and Malta Maritime Authority & Liberia Ship Registry and the Republic of Marshall Islands. The center is also certified against the international DNV Standard for Maritime Training Centers, and also ECDIS Type Specific Training Partner for Japan Radio Co. (JRC) and Kelvin Hughes manufacturers. The center is the only approved Test Center in Greece to conduct Maritime English language examinations by Marlins and ISF.

All QMS MTC courses combine a variety of training means and methods, such as lecturing, case study analysis, discussion and small group work, self-development exercises, video/computer optical presentations, mock role play scenarios and practical simulation instruction. Courses are delivered in both Greek and English languages.

qms maritime training

Training Programs

Technical Courses

  • Automation Systems on Ships
  • Energy Efficiency for Maritime Industry
  • Energy Management System IAW ISO 50001
  • Electrode Melting Welding with Workshop
  • Energy Losses Using Portable Or Fixed Measuring Equipment
  • Lathe Machines with Workshop
  • Electronic Marine Engines with 3D Simulator (RT-Flex Wartsila / MAN)
  • Refrigeration on Ships with Workshop
  • Ballast Water Management Awareness
  • Damage Stability with HECSALV Software

STCW Courses

  • BRM - Shiphandling with Simulator
  • ERM With Simulator
  • Adv. Tanker Safety (Oil, Chemical, Gas) w/ Cargo Handling Simulator
  • Basic Tanker Safety (Oil, Chemical, Gas) w/ Cargo Handling Simulator
  • High Voltage for On-Board Installations
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Security Duties for Designated Personnel
  • Passenger Ship Training - Basic Safety - Security Awareness Training
  • GMDSS - General Operator
  • Medical Fist Aid


  • ECDIS Type Specific JRC and Kelvin Hughes (2 days)
  • Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation
  • Shipboard Safety Officer
  • Marlins Test UK MCA
  • Oil Record Book
  • Magnetic Compasses & Error Adjustment
  • Gas Measurement & Monitoring Instrument Calibration (MSA)
  • Advanced Ship Handling

STCW Refresher Courses

Management Courses

  • ISM Code & Internal Auditor
  • Train the Trainer
  • Cyber Security Management in Shipping
  • ECDIS  for Office Managers
  • Leadership & Management in Shipping
  • CSO & ISPS Internal Auditor
  • ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18000 & Internal Auditor
  • ISM Code / Implementation & Internal Auditor


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