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Maritime, Shipping, Port, Quality  and Logistics Management Courses Online

orion training online

Based in Athens Greece, Orion Training conducts specialized maritime training programs online for the maritime and shipping industry. The courses are online with advanced functionality videos & accompanying material and delivered by experienced industry professionals. The courses are certified by globally acknowledged maritime institutions.

The courses have online enrollment, online exams, automatic issuance of attendance certificate and can be taken anywhere, anytime, delivered 100% on the web. The courses include - Safety, Security & Quality in Shipping; Business & Management in Shipping; Human Resources & Soft Skills; Maritime Information Technology; Shipping Operations; and Port Operations & Logistics.

Many of the courses are certified by ABS.

orion training courses

Training Programs

Safety, Security & Quality in Shipping

  • ISO for Shipping - Internal Auditor for ISO SERIES: 9001, 14001, 45001 (ABS Certified): The Webinar focuses on the application of main ISO Management Systems Standards in the shipping industry, focusing on the added value provided in shipping companies' management systems.
  • TMSA & OCIMF - Internal Auditor (ABS Certified): The Webinar focuses on the implementation of TMSA 3 requirements. It includes an introduction of the main reasons that led to the necessity of creating specific tanker industry standards on top of the statutory requirements.
  • ISPS Code - Internal Auditor (ABS Certified): The Webinar provides participants with the required knowledge to enable them to take on the duties and responsibilities as defined in the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS
  • Incident Investigation: The Webinar delivers the core knowledge required to understand the causal factors leading to an accident, collate the required information, and compile an investigation report with recommendations for improving safety.
  • TMSA - Awareness / Review Of Elements: The Webinar covers the TMSA 3 aims, benefits, and key requirements for implementation purposes. It provides attendees with the fundamental knowledge in managing TMSA 3 processes, in line with the latest requirements.
  • Bridge Resource Management: The Webinar aims at reducing the number of errors in the Ship Bridge environment, as well as their consequences by focusing on the human factor element. Furthermore, it aims at ensuring safety on board by improving deck officers’ ability to manage crisis and emergency situations.
  • Maritime Labour Convention 2006 - Internal Auditor (ABS Certified): This Webinar focuses on the application of the MLC 2006 by creating and maintaining a basic documented system.
  • ISM Code - Internal Auditor (ABS Certified): The Webinar focuses on the application of the ISM Code (1998) as revised in 2015. It includes an introduction of the main reasons that led to the necessity of creating the code, and a review of the code's requirements, as developed over the years.
  • Port State Control - Best Practices For Successful PSC Inspection (ABS Certified): The Webinar provides Attendees with the ability to: a) Understand the Legislative Framework within which MOUs operate, b) Identify deficiencies recorded on-board ships by PSC inspectors, c) Make use of statistical data from the main MoU’s, d) Analyze case studies, and Understand the necessary action plans in order to maintain a ship in full compliance within the requirements of ISM Code, ISPS Code, STCW 2010, MLC 2006.

Business & Management in Shipping

  • Introduction to Financial Risk Management: The Course introduces Attendees to the fundamental concepts of Financial Risk Management from an Enterprise perspective
  • Shipping for Non-Shipping Professionals: The Webinar aims to introduce Attendees to the world of Global Shipping markets, by covering all major aspects of the business, starting from Global trade flows and maritime routes up to Ship sales and purchases as well as demolition markets.
  • Bank Ship Finance: Commercial Aspects & Credit Analysis: The Course presents to attendees all the practical aspects of Bank Ship financing as well as the latest regulatory and business developments on the topics covered.
  • Ship Finance Law: A very detailed Course by an experienced Shipping finance law practitioner actively working in one of the Major Greeks banks as a Senior legal advisor for Shipping loans.
  • Advanced Financial Derivatives: The Course provides Attendees all the necessary theoretical tools and practical insights, to trade major types of Financial Derivatives in the Global Capital Markets today.
  • Chartering (ABS Certified): The Course examines thoroughly and presents analytically the Chartering Business from a commercial, financial, legal, operational, and managerial perspective following an integrated, hands-on, practical approach.
  • Shipping Derivatives & Risk Management (ABS Certified): The Course aims to introduce attendees to the world of Financial Derivatives and Risk Management, with a special focus on Shipping Derivatives.

Human Resources & Soft Skills

  • Leadership - A Modern Practical Approach to Leading Teams and People: The Webinar, through a modern and updated syllabus, addresses issues such as, what is meant by the term leadership, which are the core theories behind leadership today, what are the modern Leadership Styles, and Current trends for appropriate occasions and tasks.
  • Train The Trainer - Instructor Assessor Qualifications Training (ABS Certified):The maritime community standards require that any person conducting training of seafarers, which leads to a certificate being issued, is appropriately trained.
  •  Crisis Management: The Crisis Management Webinar aims at preparing attendees for crisis incidents, by ensuring their rapid and adequate response, while at the same time teaching them how to maintain clear lines of reporting and communication during the event and after the recovery from the incident.
  • Career Paths in the Shipping Industry: The Webinar presents to Attendees fundamental concepts of a career path in the Shipping Industry.

Maritime Information Technology

  • GDPR in Shipping: The Webinar aims to inform and raise awareness to the attendees about the requirements of the General Regulation for the Processing of Personal Data - Regulation 2016/679, its practical implications, the risks of "Non-Compliance", its obligations and responsibilities.
  • Operational Use of ECDIS - General Overview: The Webinar aims at training officers in charge of a navigational watch, on the basic theory and use of ECDIS for maintaining the safety of navigation.

Shipping Operations

  • Ship Cargo Loading & Unloading Operations - Software Based Theory & Practice (ABS Certified): The Course introduces Attendees to the theory of Ship Cargo Loading and Unloading operations, providing hands-on practical implementation, with the use of the Multiload software of S.A. Malliaroudakis Maritime Ltd.

Port Operations & Logistics

  • ISPS Code - Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) Internal Auditor (ABS Certified): The Webinar provides participants with the required knowledge to enable them to take on the duties and responsibilities as defined in the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).