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Shipping, Trade & Transport Education and Research Programs in Chios, Greece

university of aegean

Founded in 1984, The University of the Aegean (UAegean) is an international research oriented University in Greece offering 18 undergraduate (BA or BSc) and 40 postgraduate (MA or MSc) programs in modern interdisciplinary thematic areas such as environment, communication systems, cultural informatics, product design, shipping studies and more. UAegean is situated in 6 picturesque islands in the Aegean Archipelago Chios.

The University of the Aegean also has a joint international postgraduate. in Biodiversity, Environmental Policy & Management, and European Integration as well as joint PhD degree programs in a wide range of thematic areas. UAegean is an active member of the European Universities Association (EUA), Cremo network, EMUNI Senate, and participant in more than 210 Erasmus academic programs.

The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT) was founded in 1998. The Department, by the study and deep understanding of the combined field of Shipping, Transport and International Trade provide innovative, high standard and sustainable programs of studies which attract Greek and International Scientists and Researchers.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • Undergraduate Program in Shipping, Trade & Transport (4 years): The Department offers introductory courses in economics, organization, administration and financing of businesses, special law courses, applied economics in transport, trade and shipping, as well as advanced classes in management for shipping and transport business, marine environment and management of the infrastructure of intermodal transportation networks. The Study program combines a sound foundation in all the spectrum of business activities while at the same time offering specialized scientific training in the sector of the Shipping Company of Transport and International Trade. An  internship  program  is  organized  under  educational  supervision  and  places  students  in remunerated posts during  their summer holidays  for  the whole duration of  their studies.

Postgraduate Programs

  • PSP - Shipping, Trade and Transport (1 year): The Postgraduate Study Program aspires to contribute a new generation of modern and competitive scientists and it is geared towards postgraduate specialization in managing business institutions and organizations, in sectors such as transport, trade and the internationally competitive sector of shipping.
  • MSc in New Technologies in Shipping and Transport (2 years): This program is offered in collaboration with the Technological Education Institute of Piraeus. The program introduces modern information technology knowledge in shipping companies and in the management and operations of ships. In bridging the two, it allows ship officers or shipping executives or IT related engineers to use new and complex tools that computer and control systems sciences offer towards a more efficient shipping industry operation. This program has two tracks - Information systems & Management in Shipping and Transport and, Technologies and Automation in Shipping and Transport.

PhD Program

  • PhD Program (4-6 semesters): The program is geared toward graduates with Masters’ degrees in Business Administration, Economic Studies, and Engineering. The duration of the PhD program is at least six semesters (4 semesters for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) Erasmus graduates only). 

LAST UPDATED ON Feb 19, 2017

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