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Search and Rescue, Simulator, ECDIS, STCW & Vessel Handling Programs for Shipping Officers in Greece

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Located at Palaio Faliro - Greece, Costamare Maritime Training Services (CMTS) offers maritime education and training (MET) services to ship officers, crews and shipping company employees. CMTS is affiliated to the Costamare Group, a leading international owner of containerships and has a fleets of vessels ranging from about 1,000 TEUs to about 9,500 TEUs capacity.

CMTS is ISO 9001 certified and runs a full list of professional courses, being accredited by major flag states. CMTS is a Transport Malta approved Maritime Training Centre as well. The Training Centre is accommodated in its own premises and is equipped by state of art training facilities such as the TRANSAS Navi Trainer Professional NTPRO 5000 240 degrees Simulator. Transas marine navigation systems are designed to fit any type of vessel from leisure boats and fishing vessels through to commercial shipping and military fleets.

Training Programs

Search and Rescue Courses

  • SAR ON-SCENE Coordinator (IAMSAR Manual, Vol. III - IMO Model Course 3.15) (5 days): The Course is mandatory as per STCW Table A-II/2 (2010 Manila Amendments) and has been endorsed by the Administrations of Malta and Marshall Islands. With a balanced mixture of theory and indicative exercises  supported by Bridge Simulator, the Course covers - Coordination of Search and Rescue Operations; Initial action(s) by assisting craft; and Search and Rescue procedures and tasks.

Simulator Courses

  • Engine-Room Simulator (Refresher course) based on IMO Model Course 2.07 (Edition 2002) (5 days): Target groups for this course are Chief Engineers and Engine Officers. This covers Familiarization with the use of instrumentation and controls used in the engine-rooms of modern merchant ships, Refreshing practical experience on operational procedures, Gain and broad their abilities, skills and knowledge on all procedures involved, and more.
  • Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork - IMO Model Course 1.22 (5 days): Target groups for this course are Masters and Deck Officers. The course has a Marshall Islands and Liberia Flag approval and Bureau of Maritime Affairs - Republic of Liberia approval.
  • Ice Navigation (2 days): This course is accredited by DNV GL and a safe ice navigation course.

ECDIS Courses

  • Operational use of ECDIS IMO Model Course 1.27 (5 days): Target groups for this course are Masters and Deck Officers. The course has a Marshall Islands and Liberia Flag approval and Bureau of Maritime Affairs - Republic of Liberia approval.
  • JRC ECDIS Type Specific Course (2 day): Familiarization with JRC ECDIS Models : JAN 901B/701B/2000 901M/901/701 and the brand new model JAN 9201/7201.
  • TRANSAS ECDIS Type Specific Course (2 days): Familiarization with TRANSAS ECDIS 4000 – 4001.
  • ECDIS as Primary Means of Navigation (1 day): New amendments to SOLAS (Chapter V regulations 2, 19 & 27), Legislating requirements for ECDIS training (IMO Model course 1.27), IMO requirements about ECDIS A817(19) and MSC 232(82)
  • Passage Plan in Paperless Navigation (3 days): This course aims the participants to gain knowledge about the passage planning and appliance on ECDIS.

STCW Courses

  • STCW Refresher Course (Manila) (2 days): STCW Refresher Course (Manila) - In accordance to STCW 78 requirements, as revised by the 2010 Manila Amendments. Target groups for this course are Masters and Deck Officers.

Vessel Operations Courses

  • Container Vessels Dedicated Handling (Operational Level) (1 day): This course has the objective of refreshing existing knowledge about container vessels and/or providing relevant knowledge to newcomers to container vessels and consists of mixed theory and bridge simulator.
  • Container Vessels Dedicated Handling (Management Level) (2 days): This course consists of theory based on the experience from container vessels and bridge simulator exercises, which are based on real-life scenarios.
  • Ships Dedicated Handling (3 days): Forces affecting the ship, pivot point / ship’s maneuvering, use of main engine in maneuvers, and more.
  • Bunkering Operation and Disputes (1 day): This course provides participants with relevant knowledge regarding the procedures during bunkering operations according to current international regulations.

Other Courses

  • Antipiracy Course - IMO Model Course 3.23 (2 days): Target groups for this course are Masters, Chief Engineers, Deck Officers, and Engine Officer.
  • Maritime Labour Convention (1 day): IMO MLC Implementation - Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship.
  • Leadership and Team-Working Course (3 days): Organization of crew, authority structure, responsibilities, Cultural awareness, inherent traits, attitudes, behavior, cross -cultural communication, and more.

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