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Boat & Yacht, European CE, Boat Trailer, Oil & Engineering Compliance Seminar and, Compliance Specialist Exam for Boat Manufacturers

nmma marine manufacturers association

Established in 1979 and headquartered at Chicago IL, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is the leading trade association in United States representing boat, marine engine and accessory manufacturers. Collectively, NMMA members manufacture an estimated 80 percent of marine products used in North America. NMMA represents the industry on public policy issues, advocating at state and federal levels to protect the interests of the marine industry and the users of products.

NMMA also collects, analyzes and distributes industry, economic and market data and is the industry’s primary source of recreational boating research, statistics and technical data. It also produces the trade event IBEX (International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference) to generate business opportunities for marine companies.

NMMA Engineering Standards Department manages NMMA Certification, the premier product certification program for boats, yachts, boat trailers, PWC and marine oils in the United States and assists the industry in continuously improving customer satisfaction with the purchase, delivery, product, use and after-sale experiences through CSI (Consumer Satisfaction Index).

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Certification & Training Programs

Boat Certifications for Manufacturers

  • Boat & Yacht Certification Program: NMMA Boat & Yacht Certification helps manufacturers ensure their boats are built to applicable standards set by the American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC), and to promote their compliance to the public. Participating boat manufacturers must submit applications for all models; each model must be physically inspected by an NMMA inspector annually. To achieve Certification, a manufacturer must demonstrate that all variances found during the inspection have been corrected.
  • CE Certification: CE Certification is required for all recreational boats entering or being sold in the European Union. NMMA works closely with the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI), a notified body in Europe that issues conformity certificates, to assist U.S. boat builders in the certification process. Certification by a notified body enables you to display the CE mark on your products and allows you free and open access to the European Union market.
  • Boat Trailer Certification: NMMA boat trailer certification program helps boat trailer manufacturers comply with established industry standards and federal safety regulations, and promote their compliance to the public. The NMMA program certifies that the trailer's design meets the standards in the NMMA Trailer Certification Handbook, which details both the administrative and technical details of this program.
  • Joint NATM Inspection Program: The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) have launched a program for boat trailer manufacturers to receive both an NMMA Certification inspection and an NATM Compliance consultation during a single visit by an NATM consultant.
  • TC-W3 Two-Stroke Oil Certification Program: The TC-W3® standard is a performance-based qualification program. The requirements include various bench tests for fluidity, miscibility, rust, compatibility, etc., as well as engine tests to evaluate the prevention of ring sticking and carbon buildup on pistons and other engine parts.
  • FC-W Four-Stroke Oil Certification Program: Working with the NMMA, industry leaders in lubrication technology developed testing criteria for this marine four-stroke oil. These criteria include bench tests for viscosity, corrosion, filter plugging, foaming and aeration. In addition, the oil must successfully pass a 100-hour general performance engine test.
  • FC-W Catalyst Compatible Four-Stroke Oil Certification Program: This new catalyst-compatible standard draws heavily on the experience and success of the earlier NMMA FC-W® standard, which was developed to meet the needs of large and technically advanced four-stroke cycle marine engines. These include four-stroke cycle outboard engines, which are now taking the place of some conventional two-stroke cycle outboard engines. As a result, the new catalyst-compatible standard can provide the performance required for engines that would otherwise call for NMMA FC-W® lubricants.

Seminars & Training

  • Engineering Compliance Seminar: This seminar highlights all of the changes to the ABYC standards for the upcoming model year; these standards are the basis for the NMMA Certification program.
  • CE Certification Seminar: The seminar will commence at the conclusion of the NMMA Compliance Seminar, and will focus on the technical and procedural requirements for exporting boats into the European Union.

Compliance Specialist Exam

  • NMMA Certified Boat and Yacht manufacturers are required to send at least one person from their organization to the NMMA Engineering Compliance Seminar at least once every two years. Testing is based on the ABYC standards and NMMA Certification requirements for the upcoming model year. Upon successful completion of each of the exam modules, the individual will receive a certificate outlining the achievement and status as a Compliance Specialist. The topics include
  • AC Electrical
  • Basic & Level Flotation
  • Capacity
  • Cockpit Drainage Systems
  • DC Electrical
  • Diesel Fuel Systems and Ventilation
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Gasoline Fuel Systems
  • Gasoline Ventilation
  • Navigation Lights and Sound Signals
  • Powering
  • Reboarding Means, Ladders, Handholds and Rails
  • Storage Batteries, Chargers and Inverters
  • Visibility from the Helm