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Warehouse Logistics Professional Certifications, Short Courses and Educational Events

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Established in 1891, International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) is the oldest trade association of warehouse logistics providers that helps members run high-quality, profitable businesses. IWLA focuses on the warehouse logistics business, providing ideas and information that make it easier for member companies to succeed.

IWLA members represent the best of the best in the industry and are consistently looking for new professional talent in a variety of expertise areas: operations, transportation, IT, human resources, management, marketing/sales, administrative or general warehouse positions.

IWLA is devoted to communicating the value of outsourcing the warehousing function, and the many services that are provided by IWLA members. Countless time is spent each year crisscrossing the United States, Canada and other countries discussing the warehouse industry and the benefits of logistics outsourcing. IWLA is also a potent lobbying force with governmental entities, educating policy makers on industry- related issues.

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Certification & Educational Programs

Professional Certifications

  • Qualified Warehouse Logistics Professional (QWLP)​: The Qualified Warehouse Logistics Professional recognizes emerging logistics professionals who are ready to make a career in the industry. One year experience required in warehousing and or logistics industry.
  • Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional (CWLP)​: The Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional designation is designed for seasoned individuals who have broad career experience and who have pursued additional professional education.
  • Executive Warehouse Logistics Professional (EWLP): The Executive Warehouse Logistics Professional designation is reserved for individuals who have achieved officer-level success in their organizations.

Online Certificate Program

  • Warehouse Logistics Certificate (WLC) - Online: This online certification program gives front-line employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the basics of the warehouse logistics industry. IWLA’s partnership with the Georgia Tech Supply Chain Logistics Institute provides access to already created online modules that align with IWLA curriculum requirements for the WLC certificate.

Seminars & Courses

  • IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales Course (3 days): The IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales Course is a three-day, member-driven course focused on cost-assessment and sales specific to the warehouse logistics industry.
  • IWLA Essentials of Warehousing Course (4 days): The Essentials of Warehousing Course is geared toward warehouse logistics professionals. The course teaches the fundamentals to understand all facets of the work that happens in 3PLs. Approaching operations, systems, human resources, technology and marketing with a broad perspective helps ensure success.

Educational Events

  • IWLA Convention & Expo
  • IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium
  • IWLA Legislative Fly-in
  • IWLA Safety & Risk Conference
  • IWLA Warehouse Technology Symposium
  • IWLA Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

LAST UPDATED ON Oct 10, 2021