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SPSM Certification and Training Programs Online in Procurement Skills, Management, Enterprise & External Procurement Influence

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Founded in 2000 and based in Pennsylvania, the Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA) is one of the leading procurement education providers and has helped clients throughout North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia/Oceania. The NLPA brings together over 281,000 procurement professionals (including 15,000+ executives) from around the globe the form the world’s largest procurement association.

NLPA offers Online Procurement Training and Certification, Purchasing Assessment of Skills for Success (PASS) test, Conferences and much more. Next Level Purchasing is the only provider of the SPSM, SPSM2 and SPSM3 Certifications. Having been earned in over 90 countries by every level from new buyers to executives, the SPSM Certification is the most globally-recognized and relevant certification.

The NLPA Conferences bring together today’s brightest procurement stars, leading procurement practitioners, procurement technology thought leaders and more to share ideas and move procurement to the next level.

Certification & Training Programs

SPSM Certification & Senior Professional in Supply Management Program

  • Earning the SPSM Certification will help to bring the most modern purchasing practices into the organization and achieve career potential. You’ll earn your SPSM Certification by completing the Senior Professional in Supply Management Program entirely online. All of the courses and the exam can be done from any device with internet access.  The program helps the participants in better procurement negotiations, improve supplier performance, properly conduct strategic sourcing, and implement procurement technologies.
  • The Senior Professional in Supply Management Program includes following courses which can be completed online - Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals, Microsoft Excel for Purchasing Professionals, Supply Management Contract Writing, Powerful Negotiation for Successful Buying, 14 Purchasing Best Practices, and Savings Strategy Development. These courses are part of a large body of knowledge called Strategic Procurement & Supply Management Body of Knowledge (SPSM-BOK) by NLPA.

SPSM-BOK Level 1 Courses (Essential Procurement Skills)

  • Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Excel for Purchasing Professionals
  • Supply Management Contract Writing
  • Powerful Negotiation for Successful Buying
  • 14 Purchasing Best Practices
  • Savings Strategy Development

SPSM-BOK Level 2 Courses (Global Procurement Management)

  • Expert Purchasing Management
  • Professional Purchasing Project Management
  • Basics of Smart International Procurement
  • Executing a Global Sourcing Strategy

SPSM-BOK Level 3 Courses (Enterprise-wide Procurement Influence)

  • Finance for Strategic Procurement, Part I
  • Finance for Strategic Procurement, Part II
  • Profitable Inventory Management and Control
  • Improving Quality in the Supply Chain

SPSM-BOK Level 4 Courses (External Procurement Influence)

  • Exemplary Supply Chain Social Responsibility
  • Strategic Supplier Diversity Best Practices

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