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Certification Programs in International Trade, Import-Export, Customs, Logistics, Trade Finance, and Supply Chain Management

iiei certification

Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, IIEI Certification is an independent certification authority and testing organization serving the international trade industry worldwide since 1990. It is solely responsible for the development, validation, maintenance and administration of a wide variety of proficiency examinations offered to individuals within the international trade industry. IIEI Certification is independently owned and operated by International Trade Certification Authority, Inc (ITCA).

IIEI Certification does not provide training or examination preparation for the tests it offers. It works in tandem with training organizations worldwide including universities, colleges and training centers throughout the world to prepare test takers. The training programs are available online and Dunlap-Stone University provides approved training for all certification exams.

A person holding any IIEI Certification will have satisfactorily passed an appropriate proctored examination to demonstrate mastery of knowledge requirements and code of ethics established by global expert volunteers.

international import export institute iiei

Training Programs

Beginner Level Certification

  • Certified Exporter (CE): Identify export trends and understand international market research and entry. Explore fundamental methods of logistics and distribution when moving goods in a foreign market. Recognize proper pricing of goods within international markets and examine the various payment methods available. Implement the vast terminology of international trade and understand the importance and requirement of proper documentation. Individuals seeking this certification course will find it a valuable resource and building block for a career in international trade.

Intermediate Level Certifications

  • Certified International Freight Forwarder (CIFF): The Certified International Freight Forwarder® (CIFF) certification demonstrates a freight forwarders excellence within the competitive global supply chain market. The certification program provides a strong foundation in Incoterms 2010 and commonly used terms of sale within the international marketplace. The knowledge required for certification explores the exporting/importing environment and methods of moving goods into a foreign market.
  • Certified International Trade Finance Specialist (CITFS): Explores the export/import arena by identifying current trends in global exporting, recognize proper prices of goods in an international market, understand the risks involved with the various payment methods used and recognize how small businesses can compete with large corporations in today’s market. This program studies the complexities of international banking, money markets, futures and options on the foreign exchange along with interest rates and currency swaps.
  • Certified International Trade Documentation Specialist (CITDS): This program provides practical information regarding the various forms of documentation, exporter’s responsibilities, and export compliance, which is applicable to the exporting and importing environment. The individual seeking this certification enhances the skills to keep their company’s documentation current and compliant while securing their role as the expert for international trade documentation.
  • Certified International Trade Logistics Specialist (CITLS): The individual seeking the CITLS certification demonstrates to their employer they are committed to advancing their company’s logistics needs and demonstrating to potential employers they possess detailed knowledge and skills required to move goods efficiently through the international supply chain.

Senior Experienced Level Certifications

  • Certified U.S. Import Professional (CUSIP): This program demonstrates import compliance proficiency, specifically with U.S. Government import rules, regulations and processes required as an import professional overseeing the movement of goods into the U.S. The individual seeking this certification will earn a practical real-world industry application to help secure a position as an industry certified import professional.
  • Certified International Trade Professional (CITP): This program is international trade industry’s highest professional standards across all four major areas within the industry, including logistics, marketing, documentation, finance and has demonstrated mastery of practical knowledge necessary to orchestrate international trade activities. The individual seeking this certification will possess the knowledge to lead their organization in international trade, thus becoming a valuable asset for international trade and will take the steps to advance their career in the import/export industry.
  • Certified International Trade Marketing Specialist (CITMS): This program recognize the demands of international consumers to sell and market goods/services in the global marketplace. The person seeking this professional certification will receive an in-depth knowledge of international marketing and strategies that is a benefit in the competitive import/export industry.

Senior Advanced Level Certifications

  • Certified U.S. Import Compliance Officer (CUSICO): This program demonstrates your compliance knowledge of the U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s Regulations and competency as an Import Compliance Officer. The Certified U.S. Import Compliance Officer certification demonstrates an advanced working knowledge of importing, emphasizing import compliance with U.S. Customs Regulations.
  • Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer (CUSECO): This certification, focusing on export compliance, entails both EAR and ITAR knowledge requirements which can help keep your company safeguarded from committing export compliance violations.
  • Certified ITAR Professional (CIP): The Certified ITAR Professional Certification assures employers that an individual has an expert working knowledge of exporting and importing under the U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls’ (DDTC) International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
  • Certified International Trade Manager (CITM): The Certified International Trade Manager (CITM) is the highest level of industry certification that demonstrates the ability to implement an advanced plan for global strategic management. This manager will develop a current and practical strategy for the import/export environment, with a focus on global Supply Chain Management (SCM), warehousing design and technologies, to logistic demands and issues of moving products in a foreign market.

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