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Logistics & Supply Chain Certification and Training (Distance Learning & Online)*

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For many years the Institute of Logistical Management* has provided specialized education to students who are primarily interested in pursuing a career in the field of transportation and distribution management. The Institute prides itself on its practical approach and skill training curriculum. Some 2,500 companies, government agencies, railroads, motor carriers and freight forwarders have hired many of the 84,000+ alumni of the Institute to manage their companies and logistics departments.

The Institute and its graduates have held a unique position in the field it serves as well as the field of education. Since 1923, The Institute has provided service to an industry that employs a significant part of the nation’s population and accounts for over a trillion dollars of the annual gross domestic product. While providing a very specialized education and training to its students, the Institute from its beginning has always operated as a private school without fiscal endowment or financial aid from either the federal or state levels of government.

The Institute of Logistical Management offers highly specialized logistics courses for distance learning that are recommended for college credits. All ILM courses are available, domestically and internationally, to students and Logistics professionals including military personnel who endeavor to obtain recognition as a Certified Logistics Practitioner (CLP) as well as several other certification tracks.

ILM is a division of William Loveland College (WLC). WLC is a Not for Profit school located in Loveland Colorado and accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education Accreditation Council (DEAC). The DEAC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency, and is also recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

*Status of WLC and ILM as of now is not clear. These institutions may be out of business

Certification & Training Programs

Industry Practitioner Certification Tracks

  • Certified Logistics Practitioner (CLP): As a CLP, a student joins an elite group of logistics individuals who can demonstrate broad Logistics leadership and outstanding competency. As an Accredited School, ILM has consistently been included among the very finest schools and universities in America providing Supply Chain/Logistics programs. The Certified Logistics Practitioner Program (CLP) reflects the highest level of academic achievement granted by ILM to enable all students to gain future career success while applying practical skills and knowledge on-the-job now.
  • Certified Supply Chain Practitioner (CSP): Student will gain professional recognition by expanding your knowledge and skills for upward career mobility in logistics, transportation and supply chain. Achieve the Supply Chain Practitioner Certification while earning 15 recommended college-level academic credits. Increase your knowledge of the entire Supply Chain Process, while simultaneously specializing in the opportunities to increase your overall capabilities in Business Logistics Strategies, Inventory principles that will enable you to eliminate absolute inventory and reduce costs, along with ILM’s proprietary course in Information Technology in Supply Chain and Logistics, not available in book stores or college campuses.

Industry Analyst Certification Tracks

  • Certified Freight Claims Analyst (CFCA): Formerly Transportation & Logistics Certification, this certification focuses on industry fundamentals, inventory at rest and in motion, warehousing, and legal demand by a shipper or consignee to a carrier for financial reimbursement for a loss or damage of a shipment.
  • Certified Logistics Technology Analyst (CLTA): Formerly Logistics Practitioner with InfoTech electives, this certification focuses on how information technology integrates into global logistics as well as the impact of both information technology and transportation improvements across the supply chain.
  • Certified Logistical Legal Analyst (CLLA): Formerly ht e Specialized Certification, this certificate is designed for students focused on employment with a shipper, receiver, surface carriers, intermediary, transportation consultant, law firm, insurer or government agency. The training provides a detailed overview of domestic, international, and cross boundary intermodal legal concerns.
  • Certified Import/Export Analyst (CIEA): Formerly International Logistics Certification, the certification focuses on industry fundamentals as well as how to import and export goods from the United States to and from anywhere in the world.
  • Certified Specialized Logistics Analyst (CSLA): Formerly individual courses and elective tracks, this certification can be designed by the student, provided no courses other than fundamentals have been used in the awarding of any other ILM certification.

Training Courses

  • Analyzing Logistics in the Supply Chain I - Logistics Systems
  • The Economics of International Export Markets
  • Freight Claims Management
  • Logistical Concepts I - Fundamentals of Transportation and Logistics
  • Logistical Concepts III - Global Perspectives
  • Hazardous Materials Compliance
  • The Economics of International Import Markets
  • Supply Chain Concepts III - Industry InfoTech
  • Supply Chain Concepts II - Inventory Principles
  • Motor Carrier Operations
  • Analyzing Logistics in the Supply Chain II - Transportation
  • Logistical Concepts II - Transportation Management
  • Transportation, Logistics, and the Law I
  • Transportation, Logistics, and the Law II
  • Supply Chain Concepts I - Warehousing

*Status of WLC and ILM as of now is not clear. These institutions may be out of business

LAST UPDATED ON Sep 26, 2018