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USCG NMC Approved STCW Safety and Medical Training Programs in Floral Park New York and Lake Worth Florida

ag speciality services

Located at Floral Park New York and Lake Worth Florida, AG Specialty Services is a training center for continuing education and accreditation, teaching doctors and other types of medical professionals. They are also a fully approved course provider for the United States Coast Guard National Maritime Center complying with the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) regulations for the training of mariners.

The training for mariners allows them to handle any type situation in both domestic and international waters in accordance with the STCW. This is implemented by the U.S. Coast Guard in order to ensure that US Merchant Mariners have the skills and abilities to serve aboard types of seagoing vessels. AG Specialty Services is of the companies approved by the USCG-NMC to teach Hazardous Material Regulations and also one of the companies approved to teach the Safe Boating course nationally.

merchant mariner ship

Training Programs

STCW Courses

  • Basic Fire Fighting (STCW A-VI/1-2) & Advanced Fire Fighting (STCW A-VI/3): Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 10.205(g) requires that all applicants for the following licenses complete a course of training in both basic and advanced firefighting - Master of vessels of 200 gross tons or less in ocean service; Master or mate on vessels over 200 gross tons; Operator of uninspected towing vessels, oceans (domestic trade); Licenses on mobile offshore drilling units; and, Engineer licenses. 46 CFR 13.207, 13.307, 13. 407, and 13.507 contain additional requirements for firefighting training for those seafarers seeking an endorsement to serve on tank vessels or tank barges.
  • Basic Training (STCW A-VI/1): CPR/AED/First Aid (1 day); Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (2 days); Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (4 hours); and Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques 1.5 days.
  • First Aid & CPR (STCW A-VI/1-3): Elementary first aid training is designed to provide a mariner with the knowledge, understanding, and proficiency to take immediate action upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency.
  • Medical Care Person in Charge (STCW A-VI/4-2): This 5 day course is designed to provide Emergency Medical Technician type training to the marine officer so that she/he may properly respond to medical emergencies occurring on board ship.
  • Medical Care Provider (STCW A-VI/4-1): This 3 day course is designed to provide medical training to the marine officer so that he/she may properly respond as a medical provider STCW Table A-VI/1-3 (Elementary First Aid) and Section A-VI/4 Paragraphs 1-3 and STCW Table A-VI/4-1 (Proficiency in medical first aid) to medical emergencies occurring on board ship.

Other Courses

  • Hazardous Material Regulations: The HAZMAT training course consists of 27 hours of in-class 3 Days theories and practical training/drills pertaining to the U.S. DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations. The course satisfies the requirements for the safe and secure transportation of hazardous materials by freight forwarders, shippers, brokers, carriers (private, common and contract); testers, re-testers, independent inspection agencies, manufacturers, Masters, Officers, Crew, longshoremen, etc
  • Safe Boating: The Boating Safety Course is an introductory course to meet the boating education needs of recreational boaters. General information concerning boats and maintenance, information to make your boating experience safer and more comfortable, tips on how to be a more courteous boat operator, laws and regulations to which you must adhere are included.
  • Train the Trainer: The purpose of this course is to assist training providers and their teaching staff in organizing and introducing new training courses, or in enhancing, updating or supplementing existing training material, so that the quality and effectiveness of the training courses may thereby be improved.

Refresher Courses

  • Medical Care Person in Charge Refresher
  • Medical Care Provider Refresher

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