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USCG Approved Marine Training in the Great Lakes Region

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Established in 1984, Sea Tech Marine Training offers a variety of professional services to the boating community and the maritime industry. Sea Tech Marine Training offers a U.S. Coast Guard approved courses primarily serving the lower Great Lakes area of the United States and has successfully prepared over 3000 graduates for U.S. Coast Guard licensing exams.

Sea Tech Marine Training provides a professionally prepared course curriculum and course materials. The company is an approved to write, administer, and grade the USCG examination. The classes are conveniently located throughout the Great Lakes region and are held on off season dates. Sea Tech Marine Training also holds classes at other locations with minimum enrollment of six students.

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Training Programs

  • OUPV Operator Uninspected Passenger Vessel (Six Pack): This license, sometimes called a charter boat or Six Pack license, will allow the holder to take up to six paying passengers, plus a reasonable crew that does not place the vessel over its carrying capacity, out on his vessel for hire. USCG does not have to inspect the vessel, but the vessel does need to meet all the requirements set forth in Subchapter C of the Federal Regulations.
  • Master's Level License, Less Than 100 Tons: This license allows you to perform the duties of an OUPV and in addition operate vessels that have been inspected by the Coast Guard's Marine Safety Office and are permitted to carry more than six passengers for hire. Holding a license at the Master's level will generally not allow you to carry more than six passengers for hire on your own vessel built for pleasure use. The vessel safety inspection regulations, called Subchapter T, are very stringent.
  • Upgrade Course - 100 Ton to 200 Ton: The upgrade course allows a mariner who currently has a 100 Ton license to upgrade by completing the 200 Ton Upgrade course, which runs three consecutive days, followed by a final day of review and exam.
    Assistance Towing: This endorsement will allow you to engage in assistance towing as is commonly offered by Sea Tow and Boat US.
  • Auxiliary Sail: Any applicant who has successfully completed a 4 hour Auxiliary Sail course and who presents a Certificate of Training at a Regional Exam Center will satisfy the examination requirements of 46 CFR 10.205(i) for an Auxiliary Sail endorsement to any deck license up to 200 gross Tons.
  • RADAR Course: This is a one day course of class room instruction that will greatly improve the user's knowledge of this accurate and useful electronic aid to navigation.
  • Marine Radio Operator's Permit Course: This short course will enable the mariner to apply and receive his Marine Radio License. This license is required for all those who serve as a Master aboard passenger boats over 6 passengers.