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USCG Approved Maritime Training in Slidell, Louisiana

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Maritime Services Group of Louisiana (MSGOLA) provides a variety of services that promote safety, effective team building skills, and quality training. At present, the are providing companies and mariners all around the United States with quality educational training, improvement in teambuilding leadership, emergency response logistical services, and regulatory compliance consultant services.

The training programs at MSGOLA are not only designed to meet the regulatory requirements, but also give the students practical knowledge and skills to increase their professional competency. The students will take the learned skills back to their work place and share with co-workers and management. These competencies will assist in gaining a safer and professional environment for the purpose of meeting and exceeding the goals and missions of their organization.

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Training Programs

USCG Approved Tanker Courses

  • Tank Barge DL: With this training, students will be able to load or discharge vessels following the proper safety guidelines and will be familiar with the associated federal regulatory requirements.
  • Tank Barge LG: Designed specifically for those working in companies that transport liquefied gas (LG) cargoes.
  • Tank Barge DL/LG Combo: This course entails classroom and practical training to Merchant Mariners who transfer liquefied gases and dangerous liquids from vessels to facilities or vessels to vessels etc.
  • Tankerman Refresher: This course is designed for experienced mariners who are operating under the authority of their United States Coast Guard Tankerman Person-In-Charge credential, or who are required to renew their credential.
  • Apprentice Mate (steersman): The steersman course includes Wheelhouse Proficiency Management (1 & 2) and is directed at developing safe maneuvering practices for ports and other congested traffic areas.

Other Maritime Courses

  • Deckhand (14 days): This course includes - basic deckhand training, First Aid/CPR, basic firefighting skills, galley use and safety, man overboard training, and safety awareness.
  • Facility and Dock Operator Courses
  • Inland/River Deckhand Courses
  • First Aid CPR
  • Benzene
  • H2S
  • Various Safety Training, including OSHA Compliance Courses
  • CEMS
  • Apprentice Mate (steersman) on Western Rivers
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Rules of the Road
  • Master 100 Tons (near coastal)
  • A.E.D. Training
  • Crossover 200 Ton Master of Towing to Unlimited Ton Master of Towing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Facilities and Vessels

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