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Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids (PIC), Tank Barge Liquefied Gases (PIC) and Highly Hazardous and Specialty Chemical Training Courses

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Established in 1967, Fryoux Tankerman Service (FTS) is a shoreside tankerman service and training academy. FTS provides a full suite of services and are committed to the next generation of professionally trained, highly skilled tankermen. The USCG-licensed tankerman specialize in safely loading and discharging tank barges. The tankermen are experienced in handling dangerous liquids as well as liquid gases. All employees are trained extensively to ensure safety in performing the job.

Fryoux Tankerman Service (FTS) has offices in two locations - Norco in Louisiana and La Porte in Texas and work with industries leading plant, refineries and barge companies along the coast and the many waterways.

FTS provides service in all ports along the Gulf of Mexico and Fryoux Barge Consultants hosts US Coast Guard approved courses for both Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids (PIC) Original and Tank Barge Liquefied Gases (PIC) Original. FBC also offers highly hazards and specialty chemical training courses, customized continuous training programs and Inland Barge Consulting Services.

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Training Programs

USCG Approved Tankerman Courses

  • Dangerous Liquids (40 hours) & Liquefied Gases (32 hours): These courses cover loading, discharging and carriage of dangerous liquids and liquefied gases. The courses will also teach how to safely manage risks and avoid incidents. All courses are designed for a person, who would like to meet the requirements as a Tankerman (PIC) Barge Merchant Mariner credential. The courses are designed for the student to learn the rules and regulations which govern how he/she should be performing their duties. As part of the learning process the courses are designed to challenge and test the student’s proficiency and comprehension.

Other Courses

  • Hazardous and specialty chemical training courses
  • Customized continuous training programs

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