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Deepwater Operations Training at Robert Training Center (RTC), in Robert, Louisiana

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Founded in 1987, Robert Training Center (RTC) provides skills training, skills development, and technical consulting for the offshore industry. For over two decades, Robert Training Center has taught basic and advanced skills to those on the front lines of oil and gas operations. RTC offers a vast array of training programs ranging from Tropical HUET, BOSIET, Firefighting, HLO, MEM, STCW, Survival Craft Proficiency, Instrumentation, Electrical, Process Production, Subsea, and more. 

Part of the Shell Group, which is a leading oil and gas producer in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, a recognized pioneer in oil and gas exploration and production technology and one of America’s leading oil and natural gas producers, gasoline and natural gas marketers and petrochemical manufacturers. Each course is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience that gives each student an opportunity to troubleshoot, analyze problems and reach real-time decisions under the watchful eyes of knowledgeable instructors.

The labs are equipped with the same control rooms, electrical panels, instruments, blow out preventers, subsea control system, computer networks, and other drilling and production equipment that the students must deal with on the job. The Shell Robert Training & Conference Center is situated on 20 private surrounded by woods in Robert, Louisiana and conveniently located near the intersection of Interstates 12 and 55 between Hammond and Covington, Louisiana. The Center features 20 multi-purpose classrooms and conference facilities ranging in capacity from 8 to 300 and onsite lodging for 144.

robert training center campus

Certification & Training Programs


  • US Coast Guard - Surface Unit – Floating Stability (MODU)
  • US Coast Guard - TLP Unit Stability
  • US Coast Guard - OIM/BCO/Barge Supervisor Required Training
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • International Association of Drilling Contractors
  • SafeGulf

Drilling Courses

  • Practical Open & Cased-Hole Log Interpretation
  • Drilling/Completion 101
  • Well Control for Engineer
  • IADC Drilling/Completion Well Control (Basic)
  • IADC Drilling/Completion Well Control (Refresher)
  • Well Servicing - Wireline
  • Well Servicing/Wireline Well Control Refresher
  • IADC WellCAP Introductory Well Control
  • IADC WellCAP Drilling/Workover Surface/Subsea Contract Supervisor Well Control

Electrical Courses

  • Basic Electrical / Electronic Systems
  • Electrical Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices
  • Electrical Systems
  • Electronic Instrumentation Outline
  • Electronic Instrumentation - Offshore Production Systems
  • Medium Voltage Safety
  • Print Reading and Troubleshooting
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) - Land Based Systems

Instrumentation Courses

  • Basic Instrumentation
  • Pneumatic Instrumentation
  • Basic Production Safety Systems (T-2)
  • Basic Production Safety Systems Test Out (T-2 Certification) API Certified
  • PLC Maintenance & Troubleshooting - I
  • PLC Maintenance & Troubleshooting - II
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • PLC Maintenance & Troubleshooting - III
  • PLC Maintenance & Troubleshooting - IIII
  • PID Control Loop Tuning
  • Electronic Safety Shutdown System (SSDS) Operation
  • RSLogix5 Enhanced Troubleshooting Software For PLCs
  • Compressor Panelboard

Measurement Courses

  • Gas Measurements
  • Liquid Measurements

USCG/STCW Courses (Offsite - Martin International)

  • USCG/STCW Approved Fast Rescue Boat
  • USCG/STCW Approved Survival Craft Proficiency

Production Courses

  • Basic Production Safety Systems
  • Basic Production Safety Systems Test Out (T-2 Certification) API Certified (PDF, 71 KB)
  • Fundamentals of Reliable Pump Operation
  • Gas Measurement
  • Glycol Dehydration
  • Liquid Measurement
  • Process 1 (Formally Production Operations)
  • Process 2 (Formally Production Operations)

Safety & Environment Courses

  • Offshore Helicopter Ops (HLO & HDA)
  • Tropical HUET
  • General Lifting Appliance Rigging
  • Pedestal Crane General Lifting Appliance Rigging
  • Advanced Pedestal Crane Operator Training
  • Basic Industrial Fire Fighting
  • Basic Survival Craft Operation
  • Commentary Driving Course
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Contractor Safety Management
  • First Responder Certification
  • First Responder Refresher
  • Incident Investigation (TAPROOT)
  • Medic First Aid (Basic)
  • TapRooT-EquiFactor/Failure Analysis
  • Fall Prevention & Protection Supervision
  • Fall Prevention & Protection Workers
  • Management of Major Emergencies
  • SafeGulf Certification
  • HSE Super Safety
  • CRO - Major Emergency Management
  • OSHA- Fall Protection Competent Person
  • Norm Survey and Control Certification
  • Scaffold Inspector and User Course

Subsea Courses

  • Subsea Production Operator Training - Phase I
  • Subsea Simulator Workshop
  • Subsea Concepts