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Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids & Liquefied Gases Program for the Maritime and Oil & Gas Industry

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Headquartered in Kenner LA and with offices in Pasadena, Port Arthur & Corpus Christi TX, AccuTRANS provides Tankering, In Plant, Inspection And Testing, Bulk Material Handling & Shipment Services to the maritime and Oil & Gas industry in Texas and elsewhere in the USA. The USCG-licensed AccuTrans tankermen are licensed and experienced PICs (Persons in Charge) in the handling of dangerous liquids and are extensively trained in safety, firefighting and emergency response.

Other Services include terminal readiness and management, truck and rail car loading and offloading, barge and ship dock PIC, tank gauging, and facility maintenance; loss control representation to ensure precise and full transfers, third party inspection, sampling, and analytical testing; and coordinate and schedule the transportation and storage of bulk materials based on customer needs.

With an in-house Dangerous Liquid & Liquefied Gas (DL/LG) School supervised by Certified Coast Guard Approved Marine Instructors, education is a major component of AccuTrans and offers customized continuous training programs and a custom-built new hire training program.

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Training Programs

Tankermen Programs

  • Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids & Liquefied Gases Course: Typically course is designed to satisfy the training requirements set forth in Coast Guard regulations for the position of Tankerman-PIC . This course provides training to mariners who wish to obtain an endorsement to their US Coast Guard Merchant Mariners Credential as Tankerman PIC (DL & LG) while preparing the mariner who has immediate responsibility for the loading, discharging and care in transit or handling of cargo. The course also provides ship’s officers, tanker terminal personnel and shore staff with understanding of the principles of safe loading, transportation and discharging of liquefied gases. (Representative description - please contact AccuTRANS for accurate description of this course).

LAST UPDATED ON Sep 28, 2018