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Maritime & Offshore Multimedia and Online Training Programs

moxie maritime training

Founded in 1985, Moxie Media is a full service Media Design & Production company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. For over two decades, Moxie Media has been providing the workers of the maritime and offshore industry with high quality training programs. These safety, security, maintenance and process oriented curriculums are being used to train thousands of maritime and offshore workers throughout the world through video/DVD, print, computer, and web based delivery.

Courses customized specifically for the Inland & Coastal Waterways, Offshore and Bluewater Industries utilize industry-specific locations, employees and equipment. This familiarity establishes authenticity, encourages participation and enhances retention of learning objectives.

Moxie produces multimedia and online programs for the following industries: Maritime, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Manufacturing / Industrial, Security, General Business / Office, Construction / Heavy Equipment, Emergency Responders, Sales, Transportation, and, Hospitality. The languages include: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and, Arabic.

moxie training programs

Training Programs

  • Back Safety for Inland Waterways Personnel
  • Basic First Aid for the Maritime Industries
  • Benzene Cargo Safety
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Bunkering Operations: Safe Oil Transfer Procedures
  • Conducting Successful Lifeboat Drills
  • Countermeasures on Water
  • Crew Endurance Management for Maritime Employee
  • Deckhand Orientation & Injury Prevention Training Program
  • Drills: Preparing for On-board Emergencies
  • Emergency Helicopter Abandonment
  • Emergency Marine Distress Signals
  • Engine Room Resource Management
  • Everything You Need to Know About TWIC
  • Facilities & Terminals Maritime Security Suite
  • Fiber Line Characteristics and Care for the Maritime Industries
  • Fire in Port: The Ship/Shore Interface
  • Hazard Communication for the Workboat Industries (HAZCOM)
  • Hazard Communications for Tank Barge Operations
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety for Maritime Industry Personnel
  • Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus Operations and Use
  • International Safety Management Code
  • Introduction to Hydraulic Box Boom Marine Cranes
  • Introduction to Vessel and Barge Equipment and Terminology
  • ISPS & MTSA Maritime Security Compliance Video Training Series
  • Ladder Safety for the Maritime Industries
  • Man Overboard Prevention for the Inland Waterways
  • Marine Fire Prevention, Training and Response
  • Marine Firefighting Training Series
  • Marine Spill Prevention and Response
  • Maritime Facility Security Training Combo
  • Maritime Security Assessment
  • Maritime Security Awareness for Inland and Coastal Waterways Personnel
  • Maritime Security Policies
  • Maritime Supervisor Training Series: Conducting Difficult Conversations
  • Medical Procedures: The Officer's Shipboard Guide
  • Motivational Training for Inland Waterways Crew Personnel
  • MRSA, Staph & Infection Prevention for the Maritime Industries
  • Oil Spill Response Series
  • Operation, Maintenance and Safety of Hydraulic Box Boom Marine Cranes
  • Person in Charge of Fuel Transfers for Inland Waterways
  • Person in Charge of Fuel Transfers for Inland Waterways/DOI
  • Personal Survival
  • Rigging Training for Riggers, Crane Operators, and Inspectors Series with Safe Personnel Transfer
  • Safe Anchor Handling
  • Safe Docking and Mooring Procedures
  • Safe Line Handling Practices and Procedures for the Offshore Industry 3-Program Series
  • Safe Line Handling Practices and Procedures for the Offshore Industry 3-Program Series
  • Safe Line Handling Practices for the Inland Waterways
  • Safe Manual Winch Practices and Procedures
  • Safe Towing & Hip Towing Operations and Procedures
  • Security Awareness for Maritime Facilities, Plants and Shippers of Hazardous Materials
  • Security Search, Screening and Sweeping Techniques for Vessels, Ports, Plants and Facilities
  • Security Training for Maritime Facility Personnel with Security Duties
  • Ship & Port Facility Security Actions
  • Ship Safety Orientation
  • Shipboard Accident Investigation
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention for Inland Waterways and Maritime Personnel
  • Step Back for Safety Series
  • Supervisory Training for Officers
  • The Program of Shipboard Safety
  • Unified Command
  • Vessel & Company Security Officer Training for the Towing Industry Suite
  • Vessel General Permit: Protecting the Marine Environment
  • Vessel Lay-up Procedures
  • Plus many more..