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Bimco Summer Shipping School; Asia Shipping School; E-learning Diploma; Masterclass Workshops; and Seminars & Training Worldwide


BIMCO is the largest of the international shipping associations representing ship-owners controlling around 65 percent of the world’s tonnage and with members in more than 120 countries drawn from a broad range of stakeholders having a vested interest in the shipping industry, including managers, brokers and agents. BIMCO is accredited as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with all relevant United Nations organs.

BIMCO Education arranges a variety of courses around the world for BIMCO members and non-members alike. Industry experts guide participants through relevant and current topics and cases from the maritime industry. The courses often have limited number of participants and are very popular. All BIMCO Courses and Seminars can be delivered as in-house events. Available to BIMCO Members only, this is a cost-effective way of training larger groups of employees. All courses can be tailored to specific requirements and can be delivered world-wide.

Training Programs

BIMCO Shipping Programs

  • BIMCO Summer Shipping School: This program takes place in Copenhagen during a full week in June/July every year. The program combines workshops and lectures to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of the commercial aspects of shipping, its problems and their solutions. Fully residential, this course aims at attracting young people with limited knowledge of the shipping industry from all over the world.
  • BIMCO Asia Shipping School: This program is similar to the above (Summer Shipping School) and generally conducted in Far East countries such as China & Singapore.
  • Documentary Seminars: BIMCO is the world’s principal organization responsible for the development of maritime contracts and other related forms. It has been estimated that over three quarters of transactions within the shipping industry take place using BIMCO approved forms. Participating in a BIMCO Documentary seminar is a unique opportunity to learn about a specific contract directly from the organization producing the documents.
  • BIMCO eLearning Diploma Program (BeDP): BeDP enables students to build on their knowledge, acquire increased professional competencies and ongoing personal development at their own time and place. It is a new and exciting educational tool which will deliver the best possible lectures, covering all aspects of the contemporary maritime industry. The e-learning modules have been specially developed by BIMCO and Videotel, and are based on a Learning Management System comprising a highly-focused, web-based, e-learning package to deliver the new diploma program.

BIMCO Masterclass Workshops

Masterclass concept consists of six modular workshops (3 days) focusing on key aspects of maritime commerce. The workshops will provide participants with a thorough grounding in the principles and pitfalls of each core subject. The workshops are designed for participants who already have some shipping experience and who wish to broaden their knowledge of the industry. At the end of each workshop, participants may take an open book exam to assess their level of understanding of the subject matter. This assessment, which leads to the award of a BIMCO diploma, will be of value to employers and employees alike in demonstrating the effectiveness of the training and knowledge attained.

  • BIMCO Masterclass Workshop on Voyage Charter: The program will amongst others include lectures on - Formation and terms of the Charter i.e. “Subjects” “About” and “Without Guarantee”; Types of charters; Contractual consequences of misdescription of vessel; Dangerous and deck cargo, express exceptions; Routing, deviation and delay; Rights and obligations – cost and risks; Deductions from freight; Laytime –calculation, exceptions, NOR, defining the period; Demurrage and dispatch; Practical aspects of exercising a maritime lien; Problems in the performance of Voyage Charters – cancellation, breach of contract, LOI’s, damages and recoverability, frustration.
  • BIMCO Masterclass Workshop on Time Charter: A Masterclass Workshop for Owners, Charterers, Brokers, Lawyers and all who make use of Charter Parties for Cargo Vessels. The program includes topics such as - Hire and Deductions from Hire; Off-Hire; Owners’ Remedies if Hire Not Paid; Consequences of Breach of Contract under English Law; Performance Clauses; Duration of the Charter Party; War (and Other) Cancellation Clauses; Last Voyage Orders; Early and Late Redelivery; Dangerous Goods; Unsafe Ports; Who Pays for What; Frustration; Loading and Discharging; Seaworthiness; Bills of Lading Issued Pursuant to Time Charters; and Employment and Indemnity.
  • BIMCO Masterclass Workshop on Dry Cargo Laytime: BIMCO, in collaboration with Swansea University, UK, conducts the Masterclass Workshop, on Dry Cargo Laytime. The program includes topics such as - Introduction to Laytime and Demurrage; Types of Laytime; Commencement of Laytime; Stoppages and Termination of Laytime; Example of Laytime Calculation Using Statement of Facts, Time-Sheets, etc.; Overview of Demurrage and Dispatch; Averaged and Reversible Laytime; Damages for Detention; Stoppage and Termination of Demurrage; International Sale Contracts and Demurrage Payments; Commercial Usage of Laytime/Demurrage in Non-Traditional Ways; Time Bar and Other Issues Affecting Claims for Demurrage; Litigating or Arbitrating Demurrage Claims – a Comparison; and Case Studies and Worked Examples.
  • BIMCO Masterclass Workshop on Bills of Lading: BIMCO, in collaboration with Swansea University, UK, conducts the Masterclass Workshop, on Bills of Lading. The program includes topics such as - The Bill of Lading as a Receipt; Who is the Legal Carrier under the Bill of Lading?; The Bill of Lading as a Contract of Carriage; The Problems Caused by Negotiating Bills of Lading; The Protection of Third Parties; Combined and Through Transport Bills of Lading; The Importance of International Regulation; Which is the Governing Contract of Carriage?; The Bill of Lading as a Document of Title; Remedies for Claims; Letters of Indemnity; Switch Bills of Lading; Comingling of Cargoes; and Several Case Studies address interesting day-to-day issues of practical, legal and financial importance. One such topic is the problems of delivery of bulk cargoes at "one/two ports".
  • BIMCO Masterclass Workshop on Agency: The program includes topics such as - Nature of Agency; Legal issues; International Standards for Maritime Agents; Port Working Documents; Some Practical Issues; Agents and Sea Carriage Documents; and Agents and Charters.
  • BIMCO Masterclass Workshop on Sale & Purchase: The program includes topics such as - Norwegian Saleform 1987 and 1993; Arbitrating Disputes; Remedies for Breach of Contract; and The Shipbroker's Role.

Other Workshops & Seminars

  • Trading & Carrying Goods Workshop
  • An Ice Day with BIMCO
  • BIMCO Course on Cargo Claims
  • 'Using SUPPLYTIME' seminar
  • Shipping Law: From Alpha to Omega
  • Cargo Claims
  • Case Study Workshop on Bills of Lading; Laytime; and Time Charter
  • Introduction to Shipping
  • Voyage Chartering
  • Time Chartering
  • Tanker Laytime and Demurrage
  • Bills of Lading
  • Dry Cargo Laytime and Demurrage
  • Plus more

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