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Cargill Ocean Transportation (a division of Cargill Plc) is a leader in chartering, trading, logistics, operations and risk management of ocean freight solutions. 60 percent of Cargill Ocean Transportation’s business focuses on developing third-party customer, logistics and risk management solutions.

The company serves a diverse portfolio of customers from the mining, electricity and steel industries and participates in all the major flows of coal, iron ore, bauxite, cement and grains.

Along with Cargill’s global commodity expertise and insight in agriculture, energy, industrial and mineral industries, Cargill Ocean Transportation is able to provide complementary trade flows; logistics supply chain expertise and financial stability. It also provides commodity and market expertise, physical freight, risk management services and custom solutions and ship vetting.

Cargill Ocean Transportation worldwide offices consist of over 31 different nationalities with a variety of skills and experience in trading, marine engineering, analytics, legal, economics and accounting.

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Cargill Career Opportunities

Career Paths and Programs

  • European Graduate Program (Supply Chain): The European graduate program provides you with an exciting opportunity to add significant value to the business through participation in one of the core programs including supply chain. In this two-year development program, open to European graduates, each of the disciplines offer unique job learning experiences plus personal development through mentorship and soft skill training. As a supply chain graduate you will become a professional in the logistical part of a production site. You begin as an assistant planner and are in direct contact with clients, suppliers and employees from production and management.
  • US Undergraduate Program (Supply Chain Management): In the field of supply chain management, Cargill looks for people interested in working in an environment involving logistics and further processing of commodities. As a trainee, you’ll learn your business unit’s overall strategy as well as specific supply chain responsibilities in a hands-on setting. During your training, you’ll learn about logistics costs and cycle time, and build your expertise in a myriad of systems, processes and technologies.

Other Programs

  • Internships
  • Traineeship
  • University Recruitment
  • Jobs for Experienced Professionals
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