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Career Opportunities in Keystone-Kurz Group


The Keystone-Kurz Group owns, operates, and manages vessels engaged in the worldwide transportation of cargoes of all kinds, including petroleum products, petrochemicals, iron ore, coal, limestone, grain, general Cargo, roll-on/roll-off, and containers. Keystone Shipping Co. is a full-service shipping company which provides a wide range of services, from ship construction and maintenance, to accounting and purchasing, to chartering and safety training.

The Keystone fleet consists of United States-owned, United States-operated, and United States-flagged vessels, including tankers, self-unloading bulk carriers, roll-on/roll-off vessels, and tug/barge units. All Keystone vessels are qualified to engage in the transportation of cargoes between US ports under the Jones Act. Keystone’s headquarters and operations center is located in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.

Keystone’s seagoing and shoreside staff comprises a highly experienced organization of maritime professionals, collectively one of the finest in the world. Under the guidance of the officers and management team, Keystone’s staffing practices have allowed the company to attract and retain some of the industry’s most experienced and accomplished professionals. Thousands of years of maritime knowledge and experience are also embedded within the shoreside team.

KEYSTONE Career Opportunities

At Keystone, individual experience in excess of 25 years is commonplace among both shoreside and shipboard personnel. Seagoing staff contain well over 25,000 years of shipboard experience. Collectively, the skill sets of the Keystone shoreside team include substantial seagoing experience and employment with other maritime operations. Skills encompass the full array of maritime disciplines:

  • Fleet Operations
  • Marine Services
  • Chartering
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Marine Personnel and Labor Management
  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Information Technology