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Young Executives Program; Internship; Traineeship; Vacation Voyager Internship & Career Opportunities at Sea and Onshore


Hamburg Süd is one of the key carriers on the North-South trade routes by ocean transportation which combines an array of one-source services to create the logistics chain. It is part of the Oetker Group, a family-owned German conglomerate. In container shipping it is represented by two brands: Hamburg Süd as a German carrier and Aliança as a Brazilian shipping company operating vessels under the Brazilian flag. In addition, it is a presence on the world's oceans in bulk and product tanker shipping under the names Rudolf A. Oetker (RAO) and Aliança Bulk (Aliabulk).

Another group Company is Columbus Shipmanagement GmbH (CSG), whose complex area of responsibility ranges from technical management and crewing to materials handling. All pre- and post-shipment services, including the necessary customs processing, are offered by Columbus Logistics Services GmbH. Completing the shipping group's service spectrum is the Hamburg Süd Travel Agency, which, in over three decades, has developed into a specialized service provider for business travel, cruises, events and much more.

With over 4,000 employees and more than 300 offices, the Hamburg Süd Group has a global presence – afloat and ashore. Correspondingly broad is the range of vocational fields the shipping group has to offer. Anyone wishing, for example, to get a taste of the big wide world on Hamburg Süd’s ships, can do so in a navigational, engineering or electronic work environment according to their individual interests. Also Columbus Shipmanagement GmbH (CSG) offers its staff attractive fields of employment and a variety of career opportunities at sea.

HAMBURG SÜD Career Opportunities

University Graduates

  • Young Executives Program: To secure Hamburg Süd a management team that is well prepared for future challenges, both technically and in management issues, the group has developed the program for young executives (the FNK program). The three-year scheme helps identify potential leaders at an early stage and groom them to a point where they are able to fill vacant managerial positions. FNK program is aimed at university and advanced technical college graduates who are already employed with the company and have successfully completed their six-month probationary period, as well as at shipping and informatics specialists who have worked for the company for at least two years.

Careers at Sea

  • Commercial Shipping Professionals: Anyone deciding to sign up as an officer with CSG can expect not only responsible work with the best professional perspectives, but also an employer who attaches the greatest value to a long-term, trusting relationship in an attractive working environment.
  • Graduates of Universities of Applied Sciences: The shipping group makes its commitment with a broad package of measures for young technical and navigational recruits. These include a scholarship that provides ambitious students with substantial financial support if they undertake to sail for Hamburg Süd for two years after graduation. Alongside financial support, CSG relies on personal mentoring of future officers during their studies. Students who have completed their training at Hamburg Süd can travel on Hamburg Süd vessels during their school semester breaks to deepen their theoretical knowledge through hands-on experience.
  • Trainees & School Students: Training as a ship mechanic is the only officially recognized vocational training possible in the shipping industry in Germany. In three years – which can be shortened to two and a half years – it leads to the craft certificate. CSG offers this training to applicants who possess the following qualifications: Technical aptitude; A university or advanced technical college entrance qualification; Good to satisfactory grades in mathematics and physics; The ability and readiness to communicate in English; and, A medical fitness certificate for the deck and engine departments.
  • Vacation Voyager Internship: CSG’s Vacation Voyager Internship regularly gives young would-be mariners a first opportunity to sample life at sea. Over a period of four weeks under expert guidance, school students can experience for themselves first-hand what the day-to-day routine on board a ship is like – from scrubbing the deck and performing leakage tests in the engine room to checking temperatures in reefer containers and even helping the captain steer the vessel on the bridge. Shore leave in South America, South Africa or the Far East rounds out an internship which provides the participants with a sound basis on which to decide whether merchant shipping is the right thing for them.

Interns & Trainees

  • Internships: During their three- to six-month internship, students can come to know and appreciate the shipping group as an attractive employer, while Hamburg Süd for its part can quickly identify what potential lies in those interested. Hamburg Süd offers internships for economists, logisticians and computer scientists, among others. The internships can lead to employment in the group. Internships attract appropriate remuneration and you also receive an allowance for meals in the company restaurant.
  • Traineeship: Matching its wide-ranging service portfolio, Hamburg Süd offers a large number of interesting training opportunities that take account of very varied areas of focus such as Shipping and Chartering Manager and Information Technology Officer. Above and beyond this, trainees are offered the possibility of further qualification at the academic level as Bachelor of Shipping, Trade and Transport (BSc) within the framework of a work-study scheme.
  • BSc in Shipping, Trade and Transport: The offer is aimed at trainees with university or advanced technical college entrance qualifications who wish to remain in the company and have performed very well both in the theoretical and practical training. Lasting 12 months and held in English, this course is conducted by the Hamburg School of Shipping and Transportation (HST) in association with the London Metropolitan University (LMU).

Experienced Professionals

For experienced professionals, career starters, qualified lateral entrants, skilled and managerial personnel, as well as working students, Hamburg Süd offers positions, for example, in the following fields or with the following qualifications:

  • Shipping Specialist
  • Forwarding Specialist
  • Assistant Superintendent / Superintendent
  • Marine Transport and Port Management
  • Business Administration / Economics
  • Business Analyst
  • Applications Developer
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Project Manager
  • Accountant
  • Controller
  • Trade Coordinator
  • Events Specialist
  • Travel Specialist

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