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Opportunities in Shipping & Cadet Training; and Thesis Opportunities for Students


Nordic Tankers is a ship owning company operating close to 130 chemical tankers in the segment below 25,000 dwt. The core competence of Nordic Tankers is to manage and operate – commercially and technically – highly sophisticated chemical tankers. Nordic Tankers balances its vessel portfolio by owning tankers, chartering in chemical tankers, and having chemical tankers on commercial management, as well as operating tankers in pools.

The strategy for Nordic Tankers is to be the ideal platform for consolidation of the tanker market in the chemical tanker segment below 25,000 dwt. Nordic Tankers' intention is to be among the most profitable in the industry.

To support the business strategy, Nordic Tankers continuously focus on attracting, developing and retaining the best people. The company culture is also formed by its global ambition and a global presence, demanding cultural awareness, tolerance and respect. Nordic Tankers has offices and partners all around the world and offers the career opportunities to be stationed anywhere in the world.

Nordic Tankers Career Opportunities

Trainee Programs

  • Shipping Trainee Program (Copenhagen): You will within your two years as a Shipping Trainee experience how it feels to be part of operations, chartering, technical department and accounting. A normal rotation will include 6 months in either operations or chartering. Then you will join the technical department for 3 months and afterwards 3 months with accounting. The last 6 months as a Shipping Trainee, you will join either operations or chartering (most likely the department that fits you the best).
  • Cadet Training Program:The cadet training provides you with both theoretical and practical - hands-on - insight in many different areas and vessel operations, hereunder maritime technology, navigation, safety, cargo operation, leadership and management. All practical training will take place on-board Nordic Tankers' fleet of chemical carriers. To keep a high level of expertise and safety awareness, you can also expect ongoing further training during your cadet time to keep up with the procedure requirements of the chemicals handled. In Nordic Tankers you can decide to apply for either engine cadet or deck cadet, if you keep a General Certificate of Secondary Education (HTX, STX, HHX, HF) and if you can pass the medical examination for seafarers.

Student Programs

  • BA/MA Thesis Study Cases: Nordic Tankers Marine is looking for students who want to make their thesis within the maritime field. If you are a maritime student or studying maritime subjects at college, business school or university to become a marine engineer, a naval architect, or an officer, this might be of interest to you. The thesis involves Mapping of all present tasks carried out by officers related to paperwork; and Recommendation shall be developed on how the administrative burden can be eased either by delegation in a new way, by reduction of unnecessary tasks or by introduction of IT solutions. Recommendation on suitable software solutions shall be included as well as envisaged time saving per rank, change of procedures and implementation of changes.

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