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Logistics & Operations Management Education at Temasek Poly Singapore


Established in 1990, Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is a significant contributor to the field of para-professional education in Singapore. Situated in the east of the island, the campus sits on a 74-acre plot of land fronting the scenic Bedok Reservoir.

TP currently offers 53 full-time diploma courses in the areas of applied sciences, business, design, engineering, humanities & social sciences, and informatics & IT to around 15,000 students. TP also offers over 40 part-time courses, up to the Advanced Diploma level. The diploma courses are recognized by more than 200 universities, both local and overseas, for the purposes of advanced standing towards degree studies.

Temasek Polytechnic School of Business offers 12 full-time diploma courses in various disciplines. In addition to full-time courses, the School also offers an array of part-time diploma and certificate courses for adult learners as well as customized short courses to meet the specialized needs of the industry.

Temasek Polytechnic is a government funded public institution and its diplomas are recognized all over the world.

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Diploma in Logistics & Operations Management (3 years): The course provides you with a strong business foundation in the Freshman year through subjects such as Business Accounting, Business Computing & Applications, Business Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management and Marketing Fundamentals. In the Junior year, you will develop core Logistics & IT competencies through subjects such as Supply Chain Management & Technology, Operations Management, Purchasing Principles & Practice, Distribution Centre Management, Materials Management, Transport & Freight Management, and Quantitative Analysis for Business. In the Senior year, you will learn subjects such as International Freight Practices and Business Process Management & Simulation, which are application-based to sharpen your knowledge and skills.
  • When you have gained a better understanding of your strengths and aspirations, you will select one of the elective specialization areas in Cold Chain & Chemical Logistics, or Project & Events Logistics. The aim is to help you develop specialized logistics skills so as to capitalize on the increasing demand for competent manpower to support logistics operations in the Cold Chain, Chemical or Meeting, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE) sectors. In addition, you have the flexibility to select an elective subject in the area of their interest from a varied range of elective subjects.

TEMASEK Scholarships

  • Government Subsidies & Grants
  • Temasek Polytechnic Scholarship
  • Plus more


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