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Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Cold Chain Management, Warehousing Operations, Freight Logistics & International Trade Training at the SLA the Logistics Academy (TLA)

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Established since 1973, Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) aims to represent Singapore logistics and is thrust to advance professionalism and excellence to promote high standards in industry practices. Its growing membership of more than 440 business entities today offers a diverse scope of logistics and ancillary support services. As a trade association, SLA seeks to fulfill its objects in close collaboration and engagement with logistics companies & professionals, institutions & academia, industry organizations and partners, government agencies as well as international organizations & businesses.

SLA The Logistics Academy (TLA) upholds the SLA’s mission to promote professionalism and excellence in the logistics industry in contributing positively to standard developments by grooming and retaining talents in the logistics industry. As a distinctive feature of a holistic approach to experiential learning, industry practitioners will continue to form the Academy pool of expertise to impart knowledge and facilitate sharing of experiences and skills. The learning outcome drives towards skilled and productive logisticians who will then help promote and sustain Singapore as a premier logistics hub.

sla logistics programs

Training Programs

Specialist Diploma Programs

  • Diploma in Integrated Logistics Management: The course aims to equip participants with key skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in a logistics management environment. Enhanced Funding up to 90% of Course Fee and SFC eligible.
  • Diploma in International Freight Management: This course is useful for - Customer Service Officer/Executive, Freight Forwarding Officer/Executive, Import/Export Officer/Executive, Freight Supervisor, Freight Coordinator and more. Enhanced Funding up to 90% of Course Fee and SFC eligible.

Certificate Programs

  • Certificate in Applying IMDG Code - MCF Grant Eligible: The objective of the IMDG Code is to enhance the safe transport of dangerous goods while facilitating the free unrestricted movement of such goods. The course aims to impart knowledge and applications skills in IMDG Code.
  • Certificate in Logistics Operations (Bridging Course for TLA Diplomas) - SFC Eligible: This program equips the applicants or prospective learners with the foundational skills (at entry level) necessary to perform competently in the logistics & freight forwarding sector.

Specialist Certificate Programs

  • Specialist Certificate in Effective Purchasing Management - SFC Eligible: This course facilitates the purchasing function in playing the important role to achieve the operations planning and process control objectives of timely delivery, flexibility, quality and cost.
  • Specialist Certificate in Inventory Control & Materials Management: This course is for managers, executives and officers in Materials Management, Stock Control, Warehouse & Logistics, Inventory; Internal Auditors, Product Specialists, Stock-takers and Assessors.

Continuous Learning Programs

  • Airfreight 101
  • Appreciation Course on Handling of Lithium Batteries by Air
  • Basic Business Analytics for Logistics
  • Logistics Automation 1 - Pallet Handling Technologies
  • How to Leverage MS-Excel in Logistics
  • ICC Incoterms 2020
  • International Trade & Effective Handling / Processing of Letter of Credit
  • Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics I
  • Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics II
  • Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics III
  • Procurement and Supply Management
  • SCM Future Trend - Big Data and IoT Applications
  • Seafreight 101
  • Shipping Documentation - Dos and Don'ts
  • Tactical Logistics Solutions with Excel and VBA Program
  • Transportation Insurance Workshop
  • Workshop on Project Forwarding

Other Programs

  • Workforce Skills Qualifications (AOP)
  • Customized Training Programs

LAST UPDATED ON May 15, 2020