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Cold Chain Logistics Training & Accreditation and Other Logistics & Executive Training in Singapore


Asia Cold Chain Centre (a Division of EDU – Pacific International) was formed to specifically focus and delivers the Australian Cold Chain Centre’s Food Logistics Training and to assist organizations attain their Australian Logistics Assured (ALA) Accreditation. he transformation of the Australian Food Logistics Training and ALA Accreditation Division into the Asian Cold Chain Centre reflects the greater focus in this area, given the unnecessary wastage of food through poor, negligent and uninformed handling & transport by many parties in Food Supply Chains.

The Australian Cold Chain Centre is supported by the Government of South Australia and organizations of distinction such as the South Australian Research and Development Institute or SARDI, Food Science Australia; and the Asia Cold Chain Centre is proud to offer their training and expertise in Asia.

To ensure maintenance of standards once achieved, the Asia Cold Chain Centre also offers assistance for local organizations to attain the coveted Australian Logistics Assured Accreditation.

Training Programs

Food Logistics Programs

  • Cold Chain Logistics Training & Education to improve skills and knowledge
  • Cold Chain Logistics Accreditation
  • Innovative Solutions through applied Research and Development
  • Information on Cold Chain Transport and Logistics services

Other Programs

  • International Trade Practices
  • INCOTERMS 2000
  • International Shipping Documentation & Practices
  • Logistics in E-Commerce
  • Logistics in Import/Export Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • SCM and Six Sigma Practices
  • Logistics in Global Sourcing
  • Managing your SCM
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Australian Logistics Assured (ALA) Accreditation
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Materials Supply and Storage
  • Strategic Procurement Practices & Implementation
  • Effective Purchasing & Negotiation
  • E-Procurement
  • Effective Negotiation Practices
  • Sharpen your Interpersonal Skills
  • Managing & Leading Change in Organisations
  • Managing Time for Peak Performance
  • Problem Analysis and Effective Decision-Making 
  • Developing Team Leadership


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