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USCG-STCW Marine High Voltage and Hazardous Area, Regulatory & Electrical Safety, Alternate Energy, & Rig Inspection Electrical Training Programs in Houston

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With over 20 years of experience and headquartered in Houston TX, OCS Group provides Project Management, Commissioning, Inspection and Training services globally for the Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Industrial, and Electrical Infrastructure industry. OCS Group has offices in USA, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, China, Australia, Indonesia and India, providing specialized solutions.

OCS Training Institute training services address critical shortfalls in technical training and impart the knowledge and skills to help develop a competent workforce in the oil, gas and chemicals industries. The institute delivers the knowledge & the critical skills to develop a safe and competent workforce. The facility in Houston includes a 15,000ft warehouse to provide all students with hands on training, including full simulations of job scope requirements.

The programs deliver the critical skills and safety essentials with hands-on learning to assist companies operate safely and efficiently. OCS is the region’s leading independent oil and gas technical training provider, successfully training thousands of key engineering craftsmen each year.

ocs marine high voltage training

Training Programs

Marine High Voltage Training

  • Marine High Voltage Safety Training (USCG-STCW) (5 days): This Marine High Voltage (STCW) course covers the IEC & NEC, IEEE CFR standards for High Voltage (HV)  switching, electrical isolations, and flash protection boundaries (ARC Flash) per the NFPA 70E 2012.
  • Marine High Voltage STCW, offers practical learning on fully functional High Voltage, and Low Voltage units. Electrical Principals and Stress Utilization & Distribution are also included. The power generation and distribution simulator directs technicians in the start-up and troubleshooting of offshore High Voltage power systems.
  • Marine High Voltage STCW USCG Training uses both theoretical and practical assessments to validate a candidate’s core competency to work safely in Hazardous High Voltage area. Delegates who successfully complete this Marine High Voltage STCW Course will satisfy the following:
  • The Marine High-Voltage Power Systems requirements of 46 CFR 11.335(a)(4)(vi) for STCW endorsement as an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO).
  • The Marine High-Voltage Power Systems requirements of 46 CFR 12.611(a)(4)(ii) for STCW endorsements as an Electro-Technical Rating (ETR).
  • Specific TASKs found in the National Assessment Guidelines of the Electro-Technical Officer NVIC 23-14. 8.A; 4.1.A; 4.1.B; AND 4.1.C

Other High Voltage Training

  • High Voltage Safety and Switching (IADC)
  • ARC Flash (NFPA 70E)

Hazardous Area Training

  • CompEx Scheme
  • Hazardous Area Electrical Training (HAET-IADC)
  • Upstream 500 – 505 (API RP)
  • Hazardous Area Combustible Dust Training

Regulatory and Electrical Safety Training

  • Regulatory Inspections for Platform Electrical Systems (RIPES)
  • Electrical Safety for Electrical and Non-Electrical Personnel
  • ARC Flash (NFPA 70E)

Alternate Energy Training

  • High Voltage for Alternate Energy
  • Industrial and Infrastructure Training
  • Level 1: Electrical Knowledge and Competency (Industrial and Infrastructure Electrical Training)
  • Level 2: Electrical Knowledge and Competency (Trouble Shooting and Competency Industrial Electrical Training)

Other Programs

  • Rig Inspection Training
  • Occupational Based Training (API and IADC Accredited)
  • Customized Knowledge and Competency Courses
  • Online Training