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USCG Approved Merchant Marine Training in Houston, TX - Houston Marine Training Services Authorized Training Center

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Established in 1984 and located in Houston TX, Houston Exam-Prep Training Center (a Houston Marine Authorized Training Center) offers United States Coast Guard approved training programs in Houston, Texas. Training that takes the place of a Coast Guard examination for an endorsement to a merchant marine document. Training also substitutes for a portion of a service requirement to obtain a license or a document and satisfies a mariner-specific requirement.

Attending the Houston Exam-Prep Training Center appeals to many students since they keep the classe sizes small and you benefit from individual attention and one-on-one training. Many of the classes are offered on a weekly basis, allowing you the flexibility to schedule around work and the other demands of life. They also help with tasks in obtaining; renewing or upgrading a license is dealing with the Coast Guard paperwork.

The center instructors bring over 25 years of practical and training experience to guide you through the program, assisting with the toughest subjects. Houston Exam-Prep Training Center is part of KDON Marine Consulting which is a network of specialists, experienced in Marine Operations, Maritime Personal Injury Claims, Marine casualties, Coast Guard Safety Rules & Regulations, and Safe Operating Practices to name a few.

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USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

Merchant Marine Training

USCG Exam Prep Training (Deck)

  • Master/Mate 500/1600 Tons Inland or Great Lakes
  • OIC 500/1600 Mate Near Coastal and Coastal Plotting
  • Master 500/1600 Near Coastal and Coastal Plotting
  • Master 500/1600 Oceans
  • 500/1600 Tons Inland and Near Coastal
  • Master, AGT, Inland
  • Master, AGT, Oceans
  • Master, Unlimited, Oceans
  • Chief Mate, AGT, Oceans
  • 3rd Mate, AGT, Oceans
  • 3rd Mate, Unlimited, Oceans
  • 1st Class Pilot

Additional Exam Prep Courses (Deck)

  • Rules of the Road ONLY
  • Rules of the Road Inland & COLREGS (30)
  • Rules of the Road Inland & COLREGS (50)
  • Sail Addendum
  • Assistance Towing
  • Navigation Course- Basic
  • Navigation Course- Advanced
  • HEPC Special Program (Deck)
  • For qualified individuals, Master1600 direct to Master Unlimited, Oceans

USCG Exam Prep Training (Engine)

  • Under 1600 Gross Tons
  • Designated Duty Engineer 1000/4000
  • Designated Duty Engineer Unlimited
  • Chief/ Assistant Engineer, Fishing
  • Chief Engineer, Limited, NC or Oceans
  • Assistant Engineer, Limited, NC or Oceans
  • Chief Engineer, Steam & Motor
  • 1st Assistant Engineer, Steam & Motor
  • 2nd Assistant Engineer, Steam & Motor
  • 3rd Assistant Engineer, Steam & Motor

Endorsements (Engine)

  • QMED with All Endorsements
  • QMED with Junior Engineer
  • QMED with Oiler Endorsements ONLY
  • QMED with ONE if the following Endorsements: Machinist, Deck Engineer, Refrigeration Engineer, Electrician, Fireman/ Watertender

FCC License / Endorsement

  • Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP)
  • General Radiotelephone Operator (GROL)
  • Ship Radar Endorsement (to GROL, GMDSS Maintainer, GMDSS Operator/Maintainer, or Radiotelegraph 1st or 2nd class)
  • GMDSS Operator License
  • GMDSS Maintainer License
  • GMDSS Operator Maintainer License
  • 1st Class Radiotelegraph
  • 2nd Class Radiotelegraph
  • 3rd Class Radiotelegraph

Professional Services

  • Application Assistance